Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas with Gramma! (X-mas celebration # 1)

This morning Jody, Chad, Brynn and I all exchanged some gifts and had a nice early Christmas!! Here is some of what Gramma bought for Brynn... after we took the tags and hangers off. I think she likes to go shopping!!

She also bought a 25th Anniversary edition white Carebear (who is going to be staying in the box!!), along with about a million other things, including her jumper which she thinks is the best thing ever!!

I really want to post a picture of what Brynn gave Gramma but I can't for a few more days (other family members that read this blog are getting similar gifts!). Check back to this post later in the week and you'll see what I mean!!

Here's a picture of Brynn eating one of her presents from Mommy and Daddy!!

Merry Christmas Gramma Jody - thanks for everything!!!!! Love you!!!!!


Sally said...

Yeah, Merry Christmas Gramma Jody!