Thursday, March 22, 2007


First off, today is my dad's birthday... Happy Birthday Dad!!

Second, Chad has now officially felt Brynn moving!! YAY!! He's all excited. He keeps poking my belly. ;o)

Third, we had another appointment and ultrasound today!! They said that everything looks great, we have a healthy baby girl!! Brynn was giving the ultrasound lady a hard time, she kept putting her hands in front of her face so we only got a couple pictures that were decent. The tech was really cool though, she gave us about 30 pictures total!!

This first one is kind of creepy looking... this is an "overhead" shot".

Here is one of her laying down, you are looking at her left side. You can see her mouth and nose... I think she has Chad's cute nose. ;o)

Here is a picture of one of her feet!! The tech thought this was a cute picture.

I gained 7lbs!!! The reason for this is because I can now drink a Dr Pepper without feeling sick. So now, I drink it way more than what I should. Not anymore. I'm done with it. Well, atleast until after I have Brynn... the doctor said that she thinks I gained a little too much weight at one time and that from now until we deliver, I should gain about a pound a week. Dr Pepper and Popsicles are the only sweets that I'm eating. She asked me what kind of Popsicles they were and she asked me if I had tried the "real" fruit kind or maybe the sugar free ones and I told her "No and I'm not going to, they are my #1 craving and I'm not giving them up." Right babe? The doctor is prego too, so she's got to understand!! Geesh. Besides, they're only 40 calories each... HA, so there.

Our next doctor appt is on 4/24. So, we go to the regular dr appt where I have to do that glucose test that everyone keeps telling me is horrible... then we do the 4-D ultrasound that Chad got us for Valentines Day at the other office!! YAY!! We can't wait for that one!!

The doctor today said that after our April appointment, we'll have to start coming in every two weeks instead of just once a month!! Holy cow, that means it's getting closer!! AHH!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Landscaping and new pictures

I know it's not technically summer yet but it sure feels like it!! It is supposed to be close to 100 degrees today and it's only March 18th!! I know I sound crazy but this weather is good in a lot of ways... it's this time of year when we seem to get a lot done at the house.

Last summer, we were hanging out by our newly finished pool and landscape... today, we are putting in some new trees because some of the plants that we put in last year aren't doing so good now. About 2 months ago, we had a pretty bad freeze and it killed two of our trees that we put in last year and some of the scrubs too. I hired a mexican man to put in the new trees and had to take some pictures.

OH WAIT!! That's my hottie husband!! He'll keep getting darker and darker and darker... I'll stay pale, casper white. Hopefully Brynn will get his skin tone!!

Here's Chad with our baby peach tree he just planted:

Chad came up with an awesome idea to plant a tree for Brynn, it will grow as she grows. We were going to wait until she's born but right now is the ideal time to plant things... so we'll just pretend it's July. Here is Chad with Brynn's tree, it's a Tex-Fan Ash. What an awesome idea babe!!

We also took some more prego (fatty!!) pictures of me this morning... thought I'd share one of those, even though I don't want to!!

And just so they don't feel left out, here are a few others that we took today.

Mel and Allie:


Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm a slacker... this is a long one.

I've been a slacker at posting blogs lately so this is going to be a long one!!

We are now 20 weeks along, we'll be 21 on Tuesday. I can't believe we're 1/2 way there!! Chad is just about finished with Brynn's room. We should be getting new carpet throughout the house soon so I'll post pictures of everything once it's in. Chad won't let me show anyone anything until then!! We're really excited about how it's turned out so far!!

I went and did some more Brynn shopping today, I bought a couple cute outfits for her. We came to the conclusion that she's probably not going to be wearing much of anything except for onezies for the first couple months since it's going to be so hot outside so I'm trying to be a planner and get her some 3-6 and 6-9 month stuff. She already has her first bikini, Chad actually found it!! She also has a matching hat for it!! This is so much fun!!

About a week and a half ago, Chad put together a kids mix of music for her. TJ and Jenn had this cool thing that they used that has two sets of headphones, a microphone and these little speaker things that you can hook up to your IPod that they let us borrow, so a couple nights ago, we strapped this thing on me and hooked it up to the IPod. Chad's mix contained anything from Disney soundtracks to classic nursery rhymes to Elmo rapping his ABC's (the rap was actually pretty cute!!). He also added a few songs that we like, ranging from Kelly Clarkson to Social Distortion (yeah, that one is all Chad...) to some kind of opera music that I don't know where he found. So far, she likes Kelly Clarkson. She was moving around quite a bit to that one.

It's so weird to feel her moving around. I've been feeling little flutters since I was about 11 weeks along but now they're getting a lot more noticeable and they're occuring a lot more often. It's creepy (don't get me wrong, creepy in a good way...) to know that I have a baby growing inside of me!!

Last weekend, I bought 3 more boxes of Popsicles from Wal-Mart. (I didn't want to deal with the snowbirds at Fry's...) They were WRONG again!! I learned my lesson. DO NOT buy popsicles from Wal-Mart when you are pregnant and craving them, you will be strongly disappointed.

Pregnancy head. This is VERY annoying. For those of you who are reading this and don't have kids yet, just a heads up, you will become VERY dingy while pregnant. I didn't realize that it was as bad as what it is. Oh, and it's contageous (sp?) too. Chad seems to get it everyonce in a while. Last week when I went to Wal-Mart for Popsicles, I also bought milk. Chad and I were out doing some running around on Thursday night and he was like "Babe, what did you leave in your car?! What is that smell?!" We stopped to get gas and searched the car. We couldn't find anything. I was really concerned because #1, it smelled like ass. #2, Chad seriously seemed like he was mad at me. He thought I ran over something and didn't tell him. I explained to him that there isn't any roadkill here, it's all in Ohio and I've never hit anything before!! About an hour later, we ended up at Michael's and I was like "I wonder if it's something that I left in the trunk?" Sure enough, we opened it up and Chad found a 1/2 gallon of milk that we left in the trunk (I say "we" because we BOTH unloaded the stuff that was in there. ;o) It was horrible. I sprayed an entire bottle of Apple Cinnamon Febreeze throughout the car and the trunk to try and cover up the smell until I could get to the carwash. Most of the smell is out of it now, thank goodness. Lessons learned: Pay attention while unloading groceries and don't EVER let Brynn bring milk in the car.