Sunday, April 29, 2007

School and other things

Chad started school yesterday - he's already had three tests and is doing great, he's the top student in his class!! YAY Babe!! One more weekend of "in-class" training and then he gets to hit the road!! Luckily, he got out a little early both days so far.

It really stinks not having him around on the weekends!! Brynn's room is organized and the house is pretty clean now, so that's a plus. I kind of feel like I'm grounded... he's driving the Accord to school so my options on vehicles to drive are our 1-Ton Quad Cab Chevy Dually that I can't park because it's the size of a freakin' semi (see picture below - I really do love this truck, but only when Chad drives it!!) or the Bug. I drove the truck to the grocery store today and had to park way out in the middle of nowhere just to make sure that I didn't run someone over!!

7 more weeks of school to go!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

VW Cartoon

How appropriate is this? The UPS man is at our house all the time... Chad gets more packages than me!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Only three more months to go!!

I did the "dreaded" Glucose test today, I'm not quite sure why I let everyone get me all worked up about it... it really wasn't that bad!! The only kind that they had was orange and it tasted like orange pop with a little bit of an aftertaste. We had to wait an hour and then they drew blood... which for some reason wasn't that bad either. Maybe I'm not quite as big of a wuss as I thought I was. Well, okay, don't quote me on that one yet, we'll wait three more months and I'll have Chad give you an update. ;o) Now we are going to start having doctors appointments every two weeks instead of once a month!! If you ask me... I think the next three months are going to fly by!!

We also went and did our 4-D ultrasound today!! Chad and I decided that she's going to have my attitude and his looks. She's definately a cutie (like her dad!) but she was being really stubborn and had her hands and/or arms in front of her face throughout about 98% of the appointment!! We were pretty bummed... she couldn't really get any good pictures, but here's one that turned out ok. We're going back for a re-do on May 10th. She should be more chubby by then too!! ;o)

Brynn's room is ALMOST done. We went to Ikea on Saturday and found a dresser for her, it matches the rest of her furniture pretty well so we were pretty excited. We got our carpet installed last week and Chad put in the new baseboards yesterday, so it's looking great in there!! Here's a little sneak preview of a few things that Chad has done, it's looking great!!

This is her coat rack... but for now it's a hat rack since she's not going to need a coat for a while!!

I now have an addiction... it's shopping for little girls clothes and accessories!! Everytime I go to the store, we hang up a new little dress in the closet!! Along with dresses, she has two pairs of sunglasses and a little bikini!! This is so much fun!! Today we also went through some of the stuff that we're borrowing from friends and thanks to Jenn and Amy, I think we're set on onezies until she's ready for 3-6 month clothes!! We didn't realize the collection we had going!! I think I should probably be buying diapers instead of dresses but they're not quite as fun...

Chad is also taking a big step... he's starting school to get his CDL on Saturday!! His class will be EVERY Saturday and Sunday for the next 8 WEEKS (10 HOURS EACH DAY!!). We're super excited about this (other than the fact that I won't see him during the day on the weekends but he gladly pointed out to me that I could do laundry and clean the house while he's gone to keep myself busy!!) THANKS Babe... He should be completely done with the classes on June 17th, which is just a little over a month before Brynn is due. We're just hoping that she doesn't decide to come out too early!! This should be a good career move for him, with lots of new opportunities heading his way!! ;o)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chili Cook-Off, VW show and new pictures of us!!

We had an eventful weekend, for us anyway!! Yesterday we went to visit some friends that live in SURPRISE! AZ - we picked up some parts that Chad is going to use on the Bug. Then, we went to a really cool Chili Cook-Off that some friends have been doing for the last 8 years. That was a lot of fun, plus we haven't seen them since the wedding. Marlene asked Chad to be a judge... here's a picture of Chad and our friend Al while they were judging.

This morning, we got up at 5:00 (* correction * CHAD got up at 5:00 and let me sleep until 5:30 - what a keeper!) to go to a VW Show out at Firebird Raceway... All packed up and ready to go... (we came home with a set of bumpers that Chad bought at the show too...)

Chad won first place with the Bug again!! This time the catagory was called "Rat Rod", which is another "Work In Progress" catagory. We got lots of compliments on it, so that was pretty cool. Here's a picture of Chad with the award!!

It was a long day... we both got burnt... but was worth it in the end!! Here's a happy married couple picture - we always have to take pictures this way... we forget to have someone take them for us!!

And last but not least... here's a prego picture of me to add to the collecton!

25 weeks and 5 days!!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Head full of hair?

So, just over the last few days, I've been getting constant heartburn. It's not just when I eat sweets anymore, Popsicles are even making me feel awful!! Everyone keeps telling me that heartburn means she's going to have a head full of hair... I sure hope so!!

She's growing like crazy in there, and moving around a lot too!! We'll probably take some more pictures this weekend for me to post.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), we're 25 weeks along!! Time is flying by!! Just a little over 3 months to go!! YAY!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Weekend update

Last weekend, we went to see Wild Hogs, that was a pretty good one...

Tonight, we went and saw Blades of Glory. It had it's funny parts but wasn't what I thought it would be. So, if you're thinking about going to see it in the theater... I'd wait to rent it.

Today, I lounged around the house, did some laundry and cleaned up a little. Chad and his friend Mike went to a VW show and Chad ended up winning a trophy!! Go figure, the first show he takes the Bug to and I don't go... he wins his first trophy ever. I'm bummed I wasn't there for it. The trophy was for "Best Hood Ride". That means it was the best "Work in progress" car. He's still got a lot of stuff that he wants to do to it but it's getting there!!

Here's a picture that he took when he got back. ;o) Looks great babe!!

Today we also discovered that we have a cat that drinks out of the toilet. I caught Milo with his hind legs on the toilet seat, his front paws IN the water and he was leaning down drinking too. We're convinced he thinks he's a dog. I tried to take a picture with my camera phone but I was too slow.

Chad sold the jet-skis on Friday - FINALLY!! Whew. That was a relief.

We ordered new carpet for the house this week!! It should be installed within about three weeks or so. Now, we need to sell the air-hockey table so we don't have to try and figure out where the heck to put it while we're having the carpet installed. Plus, it's sitting where Brynn's pack and play will be in a few months. ;o)

Cross your fingers... someone sent us an offer on the condo this afternoon, we're counter-offering tomorrow... hopefully they'll accept it!! I'll keep you posted...

On a side note, I have that Gwen Stefani "Woo hoo, yee hoo" song in my head. I don't know what it's really called but I like it. She sang it the other night on American Idol. (Don't get me started on Sanjaya... maybe he'll finally go home this week. Who in the heck is voting for him?!)

P.S. I don't know what the heck is going on with this post but it's not letting me space my paragraphs out like I normally would. So for all of you who are anal like me when it comes to stuff like this, I tried to fix it but it's not cooperating.