Wednesday, January 30, 2008

6 Month Doctor Appt and Pictures

Chad and I took Brynn to the doctor this afternoon for her 6 month checkup, here are her stats:

Weight - 16lbs, 10oz (!)
Height - 26.5"
Head - 42.3cm

He said she looks great and is perfectly healthy!! However, she's had a cough/runny/stuffy nose for about the last month and a half and Dr. Salek finally recommended using a really really small dosage (1/2 tsp every 6 hrs as needed) of Children's Benedryl (sp?). Ah. Maybe she can finally kick this thing.

We got her pictures taken on Sunday and we just got the online images back tonight. Had to share a few!!

Monday, January 28, 2008



Ah. I love my husband. I just wish he would have suggested this like oh about 3 days ago... Photobucket was WAY EASIER AND WAY LESS TIME CONSUMING than BLOGGER and VIMEO! Ugh. So, for those of you who like to upload videos onto your pages, I totally recommend using Photobucket and then copying and pasting the html code on here.

All for a 39 second video!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Baby girl, you are officially 6 months old!! You have grown up so much in the last month, it makes me so sad that you're getting so big!!

You can now hold your own bottle and sit up by yourself. You grab the bottle away from us when we get it within your reach. We tried to give you a sippy cup a few nights ago but you didn't want it. You yelled at your Daddy when he tried to give it to you!! You don't like carrots but you like peas. Well, sort of. They mostly end up all over the place but you seemed to like the peas better than the carrots. You must get that from your Daddy, I think peas are yucky!! Today, we tried Sweet Potatoes and you really seemed to like those. You like to take the spoon from me and try to feed yourself. That doesn't work very well yet...

You love your puppies so much and for now, Allie is your favorite. She loves to watch you and to give you kisses.

Your Daddy used to have to rock you to sleep every night (it didn't work when I tried, it just wasn't the same) but now, we read you a book, give you lots (and lots! and lots!) of kisses, tell you it's time to go to sleep and lay you in your crib. You are now realizing that when you're in your crib, it's time for bed. Ahhh... that's been nice. You are moving all around now, not crawling yet, but we put you to sleep in one end of your crib and when you wake up in the morning, you're at the complete opposite end of where you started.

Your hair has been getting super tangled lately and you would get mad at us when we would try to comb it out so we had to get a detangling spray to put in your hair!! When you wake up in the morning, there's always a new knot on the back of your head. Your Daddy and I are quite the team trying to get them out without hurting you!!

You love your baths... as long as the water is hot. You love to "kick, kick, kick" and splash the water. You love to be bundled up in your duck towel that Auntie Bri gave you when you were born. That's the only one that you still fit in, the others are all too small!! I went through your clothes last week and packed up two big totes full of clothes that you can't fit into anymore. You were one stylin' little girl!!

You fit into your pink and white Nike's already. They are so cute on you and you don't quite understand what those things are on your feet. You have really long legs too, your Daddy put a pair of 6-9 month jeans on you the other day and they looked like capris because your legs are so long!!

You're starting to give hugs and "give me five"!! Giving me five is basically just you touching my hand when I say "give me five" but I think you're understanding it!!

We have to take you to get your 6 month shots on Wednesday and I am NOT looking forward to it. You don't like going to the doctor and I don't blame you!! You have had a constant cough and a runny nose for about a month and we can't get rid of it. The doctors won't give you anything for it because you're so little. Last night, Aunt Jenn rubbed some Baby Vicks on you and I did the same tonight, hoping it might help. You get so mad when we wipe your nose, I'm sure it's sore after a month of not feeling good!!

You're becoming a screamer. You scream when you're excited, you scream when you want to hear yourself and you scream when you are MAD!!

For some reason, you think it's hilarious to hear your Daddy say the word "OUT!". The other night, you, your Daddy and I were all hanging out in your room and the dogs kept coming in and bugging us. Your Daddy kept telling them to "GET OUT!" and you just started laughing everytime he mentioned the word "OUT". It was so funny!!

It's so amazing to me how close you and your Daddy are. You have the best Daddy ever, you are one lucky girl!! He loves you so much and would do anything for you!!

Here are some pictures that we've taken of you in the last month.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Weight loss

We're having a weight loss contest at work... my goal is to lose 20lbs by April 21st. Think I can do it? I do!! I just need to stick with it. Chad's being super supportive and I think will help me out a lot!!

Erica and I walked a mile today on our lunch at a pretty good pace... it's a start!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Need a laugh?

I did, so I...

1. Read Dooce. Click on the link to the left of the page that says "Dooce". Read her post titled "Daydreaming of palm trees”. If you have a dog, you need to read this. If you have a kid, you need to read this. If you have ever lived anywhere cold, you need to read this. If you can read, you need to read this.

2. Watched a Brynn video, featuring Allie! We recorded this before we went to Ohio for Christmas, hence the fact that she's wearing the same "Santa's Little Helper" onezie that she has in about a million other pictures and videos that I've posted on here. She really does have more clothes, I swear.

Brynn LOVES her puppies and they sure do love her!! Turn up your speakers too, you can hear her laughing!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Almost mobile...

Should we be excited? Baby girl, I'm so sad that you're growing up so fast!!!

$20 Diaper Cream

Brynn has had an awful cough, diarrhea and no appetite since Friday so I took her to the doctor this morning. Little girl, you weigh 16lbs, 1oz!!

Like we thought, because she isn't 6 months old, even though she will be in 10 days, they wouldn't give her any kind of medicine. UGH! Because her butt is all red from the diarrhea and Desitin and ButtPaste haven't worked very well this weekend, he gave her a prescription for some diaper cream.

So after paying a $15 co-pay for the dr visit and $5 for the prescription, we basically paid $20 to get some diaper cream. Atleast she's going to be ok and won't have a sore butt for long!! Oh well, we'd rather be safe than sorry!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hard at work

Chad's mom bought a house in Mesa that she's going to rent out and since she lives in California, Chad and I have been doing everything we can do get it ready for a renter. (I'll clarify... 90% Chad, 10% me!) Chad's been over there every day this week!! Last weekend, we spread about 25 TONS of rock, along with our friend, Bobcat. Chad let me drive it for a little while and then when we realized that he was a whole lot faster at it than I was, he took over again. The other 15 tons were finished up this weekend. Here are some unflattering pictures from last weekend!!

Brynn was a great cheerleader!!

This is what we all felt like afterwards...

So, needless to say, our Christmas tree, lights and decorations were all taken down today because it's the only time that we've had to work on them!! ;o)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

First haircut!!

Most babies don't get their first haircut for the first year or two of their life, not Brynn, she got hers when she was 5 months and 4 days old (on Bri's 23rd birthday, December 28th!)!! It was really important to us for to have Dad (Grampie!) to give her her first trim. We took her to my parents' salon and she was such a big girl!! I'm bummed that a few of these were blurry but they're still super cute and I had to share!!

Thanks Grampie!! Love you!!

Keep an eye on her tongue... ;o)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Open mouth, insert.....

FOOT! Her new thing to do... with or without socks. ;o)

Super dork!

If you need a laugh and you want to see some really dorky pictures from when I was little, click on Cassie's blog.

I think it's her goal to completely embarrass me. ;o)

Happy Birthday Matthew!!

Today is Matt's 6th Birthday!! YAY!! On Sunday, TJ and Jenn had some family over to celebrate after church and we stopped by too!! I can't believe he's 6 already!!

Last year, I was really bummed because I missed his party at Amazing Jake's... I had to work. That was his first birthday that I had ever missed, I was so sad!! I remember Jenn was pregnant with Luke and Chad went without me to help TJ with all of the kids.

For his birthday present, Chad and I are taking Matt and TJ to see Monster Trucks!! This will be the third year that we've gone and it's super fun!! Brynn's too little to go this year so Jenn's going to watch her for us, so after Brynn and Luke go to sleep, hopefully she'll have some piece and quiet!! Pictures to be posted on that later in the month!!

Here are a few pictures from the party on Sunday and one of Matt's big smile with his first tooth missing!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Party at the Shadel's!!

I've put off working on this one because it was going to take forever!!

We had a ton of people show up at the party at my parents' house on the 28th. So many, in fact, I didn't get to spend time with half of them!! It was really cool to have so many people that I haven't seen in a really long time together all in one place. I didn't get pictures of most of them either... which I'm bummed about. Oh well... there's always our next trip...

Here's a picture of Bri, Lisa, Cassie and I. The four of us all skated together when we were growing up, Cassie and I were really good friends. Some of you might know this and some might not... but when Bri and I were little, we took competitive rollerskating lessons. (Similar to ice skating but WAY cooler. Right??) Mom would pick Bri and I up from school and take us to practice and then on some weekends, we'd have competitions, which Dad would go to as well. Cassie was in a different age group than me, which was good because she was better than I was and I always wanted to win... so it worked out better that I was a little younger than her. ;o)

Here's a picture of my friend Rachel and her daughter Johanna and then one with Brynn, Rachel, Johanna and I. Rachel and I went to school together and recently got back in touch through, there is also a link to her blog on my page. She's the one that planned the get-together at the Old Jaol. Johanna and Brynn's boyfriend, Luke, have the same birthday!!

Here's a picture of Amanda and I. She and I were best friends from 7th grade until junior year. She has the same initials and I did, ACS, so that was her nickname around our house. She and I were inseperable. Then, she moved to Sandusky during sophomore year and I eventually lost contact with her, which was my fault. We got back in touch a few years ago and then again through myspace.

Here are a few funny pictures... These are of Sam, Ben and Sofie... with some Chad, Brynn and I mixed in there. Sam and I were really good friends in high school and Ben came over to our house a lot during junior and senior years. They had baby Sofie 5 weeks after we had Brynn, Sofie's original due date was on Chad's birthday but didn't make her arrival until two weeks later. She's super cute and is always happy!! She was awake for the whole party!! (Brynn zonked out at about 7 and woke up again at 9, she was a little cranky and then she didn't want to go back to sleep!!)

All bundled up and ready to go!!

Here's one of Melissa, Heidi, Christina, Sam and I. Melissa, Christina and I all went to elementary, junior high and high school together... we all lived pretty close to each other growing up. I think I started hanging out with Heidi in high school, we had choir together and we always went to Friendly's after concerts. I always had the biggest crush on her brother, but he could have cared less!! ;o) I think Heidi, Sam and I all know more about eachother now than we ever did because of our blogs, which has been awesome... Heidi started that one. We got back in touch through myspace and I copies her and Sam's idea of doing blogs. There are links to their sites on my page. (I don't know why this picture is so small???)

Here's a cute one with a bunch of us in it... From left to right: Chad, me, Heidi holding Sofie, Ben, Sam, Amanda, Christina and her boyfriend Russ. He seems like a super nice, really cool guy. AND he's taller than her! YAY! (That's been a problem in the past...)

Here is one of Rayna and I... I've actually known Rayna for quite a while, she was a server when I was a hostess at Tumbleweed and then, she started working at Rubbermaid after I did!! We didn't actually become friends until then though.

I met Joanie and Liz at Rubbermaid too!! Joanie and Rayna were both in our wedding and Liz had her daughter, Jenna, about two weeks after I had Brynn, on 8/8!

Here's one of Rayna holding Brynn and Joanie holding her 2 1/2 month old baby, Hayden and one of Liz's daughter Jenna looking too cute in her bear suit!!

Ahhh... That's all I'm going to post from the party. There were a lot more pictures and a lot more people that came than what I posted but I think I've seriously been working on this for about an hour and a half now!! Luckily, Brynn's been asleep most of the time!!

We had a lot of fun and I'm glad so many people got to meet Brynn (even if it was only for a few minutes!!). Thank you to everyone who took the time to drive over there (Heidi drove like 3-4 hours!), I know we wouldn't have had enough time to go and visit all of you if you didn't come see us!!

I was so excited to be able to introduce Chad and Brynn to so many of my old friends. I had lost touch with them for various reasons and I'm so glad that we were able to get back in touch!! You never know how much you miss your friends until you don't have them around.

Thanks for helping to make the trip a lot of fun!!


Blogger changed the layout that I had and everything that was on my side bar to the right ended up at the bottom and it looked weird. I'm going to be changing some stuff around so stay tuned...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Old Jaol

Some pictures from the fun "no kids" night that Rachel planned!! I have about 5 more posts to do so I'll let her give a better description of this night!! It was a lot of fun!! Thanks Rachel!!

(Ok, this one is before we went to the Old Jaol but I had to post it somewhere!)

From left to right - Jami, Christina, some girl I don't know that you can't really see anyway, Shannon, Rachel, Me, Chad

Nose ring
Shannon, Christina, Rachel, Kristen and I

Lemon drop shots

Me, Bri and Christina

Me, Bri, Christina, Rachel and Kristen

Kristen and Rachel

Christina and Kristen

Christina, Kristen, Rachel, Jessie and I