Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You guessed it...

More pictures!! (This is one of my favorites that we've taken so far...)

She is getting SO BIG!! She makes some of the goofiest facial expressions!!


* Chad and I both swore we wouldn't be that parent who would run and pick up their baby as soon as they started crying... well, we were that parent at first because we didn't know what the heck else to do!! Now we are able to tell her real "I'm pissed and you need to make me happy" cry (this means she needs a diaper change!) from her fake "I don't really want to lay in my swing anymore, come and pick me up and I'll be happy" or in otherwords, her "fake" cry. Seriously, as soon as you pick her up, she stops crying. She does her fake cry when she's soooo tired and doesn't want to go to sleep because she wants to spend time with her Mommy and Daddy... because they are just too cool!!

* Brynn's hasn't screamed at us once during her last two baths!! We turned the water temperature up so it's a lot hotter than what it was and now she doesn't mind them!!

Here are a few more pictures that I like...

Brynn's puppies:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

For Erin...


College graduate!!

It's official!! My sister, Bri, has her degree from the University of Akron in "Communications with concentration on Interpersonal and Public Speaking". Whatever that means!!

She's the first in our immediate family to earn her college degree... so, if you ask me, it's a pretty big deal!! WAY TO GO BRI!! (Yeah, I'm a little jealous!) Chad and I were supposed to fly back to Ohio for Bri's graduation (and take a trip to Cedar Point too!) but we had to make a change of plans when we found out that we were having Brynn and that she was due a month before Bri's graduation!!

Here is a picture of her walking to receive her degree (How the heck did you wear those shoes and not fall on stage?!) and the other is of Bri and her "FRIEND" Jason. I thought it was a cute picture... plus, everyone keeps telling me he reminds them of Chad... so of course, he's gotta be cool!

Bri is flying out here on Friday to visit us and of course to meet her niece Brynn!! YAY!! We haven't seen Bri since the wedding!! (Chad made me promise that I wouldn't fight with her for this visit. ;o)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Field trips and LOTS of pictures!!

It's been a busy week and it's not even Friday yet!! Well, this week alone, Brynn has seen about half of Maricopa County!!

Tuesday, Brynn and I took a trip out to Queen Creek to visit GGMa and GGPa!! They're taking off in their RV for six weeks so we wanted to make sure that GGMa got her fill of "Brynn time" before they left!! While we were there, it started to get really hot... they were having problems with their a/c. So, that night, they took us out for dinner (GGMa got EVEN MORE "Brynn time"!!) and yesterday, Chad got their a/c up and running again. Way to go Babe!! Oh, and GGPa just had to call Jody and rub it in that they were getting some "Brynn time" and she wasn't!! This seems to be the thing to do when we get together!!

Yesterday, Brynn and I went to visit Erin in Phoenix!! Cooper (Erin and her husband Mike's puppy) gave Brynn lots of kisses, he was just her size!! Erin got to feed Brynn while we were there and we ate some yummy brownies too!!

Today, we met Daddy for lunch in Tempe and then went to Waxie to see a lot of people that I haven't seen for almost a year now!! Plus, we were running low on diaper/burp cloths and batteries, so we stocked up!! Debbie got to feed Brynn while we were there!! (Sorry Debbie... had to post it!!) ;o)

Tomorrow, Mommy and Brynn are staying home and getting some stuff done!! Plus, Mommy is getting a little sore from carrying the carseat around everywhere!!

Here are some of the ones that we took on Sunday...

Amy finally holding Brynn - it's the first official picture that we have of them together... we forgot to get one while Amy was still in her scrubs after she delivered Brynn!!

Ben and Morgan - they look so grown up!!

Morgan and Luke

Steph and Connor reading the paper

Luke tackling Brad

Luke tackling his older cousin Connor! (Amy and Scott's baby!!)

Ann holding Brynn

Matt hangin out on the couch

Nap time!! (Brynn and Connor)

TJ and Jenn... I just realized that I need to start taking more pictures of you guys!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Dad

I have been meaning to post this since Monday (today is Thursday!) but we've been having some computer problems so I'm just now getting to it!!

My Dad flew in from Ohio on Thursday and was here until Monday!! We had an eventful weekend while he was here... he went to church with Jenn's family and we met them for lunch on Sunday, we went to a few car shows, he got to hang out by the pool and best of all, he got to meet Brynn!!

Here are a few pictures from his visit:

Thanks for everything Dad!! Love you!!

Our little fish!!

Chad took Brynn for her first dip in the pool on Saturday night!! We figured it would be ok considering it was 101 degrees in the pool, 90 something outside and 75 in the house!! AT NIGHT!!

She actually liked it!! She didn't scream or cry once!! The first dip in the pool with Daddy went a whole lot better than all of the baths that we've given her... plus, it's a salt water pool so it's good for her skin! ;o)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Mother-In-Law

I think I'm pretty lucky when it comes to mine, the only complaint that I have is that when she comes to visit, she wants to pay for everything. I know, it's not a horrible thing, especially when money is tight, but you kinda feel like you can't ever be grateful enough, ya know? Jody drove in from California on the day that my mom flew back to Ohio and just headed back there today! She teaches and has had the summer off and school is getting ready to start back up again so she had to go back. It's really been nice having her here... I've only had about one day alone with Brynn since I had her and it was kind of a rough one... I don't know if I'm ready to do this by myself yet! For the last couple nights, she's been staying with her parents because my dad is here visiting!! (I'll do another blog on him!!)

Here are some pictures from Jody's last visit in no particular order (she was here for Brynn's delivery and she came back!!):

Thanks for everything Jody!! Love ya!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Babe!!

Today, Chad turned 31!! Compared to last year's big shin-dig, this birthday was pretty low-key!! We did go out for dinner though!! We went to a steakhouse that we both like and it was our first trip out for dinner with just Chad, Brynn and I!! It's so neat to have a little addition at the table now!! (She just sleeps through the whole thing in her carseat anyway but it's still neat!!)

Babe, I hope you had a good birthday - thanks for being such an awesome Daddy to Brynn!! You have been so thoughtful and helpful throughout everything, you are the best husband ever!! I love you!!

Here are a few pictures that we just took within the last day or two!! The ones where she's laying down with the pink background are where she's laying on her changing table pad, we call these her "Tootin' and Poopin'" faces!! (Yeah, probably a little too much detail there but oh well, THAT'S OUR GIRL!!)