Sunday, January 28, 2007

The rest of the weekend

Last night we went to see Monster Trucks with TJ, Matt, Amy, Scott, Garrett and his cousin Cameron (sp?)... We had some good seats and it was pretty fun... I was tired by 9:00 though!! Matt fell asleep for a little while (he was lucky and had earplugs in) but then was wide awake to see one of his favorites... "Graver" (a.k.a. Gravedigger!!) steal the show at the end. That was pretty cool. He's Chad's favorite too. ;o)

So, today we tried to sleep in a little but Mel (our 5 month old puppy) wouldn't let us. We eventually got up and going... I headed to the mall and Chad worked on his bug. He got his new motor in today!! (Way to go babe!!) I found a few shirts at Motherhood Maternity but nothing special... internet shopping will be my next route... atleast for a while.

All of the snowbirds are here for the winter and they seem to be EVERYWHERE that Chad and I go. We've got a million retirement places near us so there's always a slow driver or a slow person walking in front of you... it gets (A LITTLE) frustrating. (Especially when you're moody like me!!) I can't tell you how many accidents we've almost been in within the last few months... You'll have to ask Chad about his encounter with a snowbird at the grocery store... it's quite the story.

Enough for now... it's bedtime!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I think I jinxed myself...

So as the week went on, my pants got a little more snug and EVERYTHING has been feeling uncomfortable. I feel like I gained 5 pounds since my last post. (Go figure!!) Mid-week, I went to Target to check out their maternity clothes... I've heard from quite a few people that they have some cute stuff, and they do if you wore a size two before you got pregnant (which I definately wasn't). I actually went to two different Targets to see what they had and didn't find much. They were out of my size in everything. So, I'm avoiding Target for a little while.

I heard from someone else yesterday that JC Penney's had some cute stuff and at that point, I didn't really want anymore advise on where to shop, I was annoyed with the whole Target thing. BUT I don't want to spend a ton of money so I figured I'd check it out. Chad went with me. ;o) The outcome: 7 pairs of pants and 2 shirts for just over $100... AND THEY ARE CUTE TOO!! Smokin' deal if you ask me... some of the pants were only $7/pair!! YAY for us!!

Tomorrow I'm headed to Motherhood Maternity to find more shirts... I'll keep you posted.

So, here's a tip: if you're newly pregnant... start at JC Penneys, unless you're a size two, and you probably won't be as frustrated. ;op

Sunday, January 21, 2007


For those of you who haven't seen me for a while and keep asking me... NO, I'm not wearing maternity clothes yet and NO, I haven't gained weight YET (ahem... knock on wood...). I think people get excited when they talk to a pregnant lady... it makes them feel good that the pregnant lady has gained weight and they haven't. Well, it's because you don't have A BABY growing inside of you!! So, keep those mean thoughts out of your heads... my plan is to be skinny like Bri after I have the baby!! ;o)

Ahhh... some relief

So, it was an eventful weekend. Well, kind of.

We sold our camper... a couple drove down here from Montana to pick it up. YAY!!

One of our tv's has been on the fritz for a while so OF COURSE, we had to get a 42" Plasma. I'm actually pretty excited about it... it takes up a lot less room than our other one did.

We also ordered a new bed. That's been on the fritz for a while too. Don't get me wrong, I like to snuggle... but I don't want to roll into Chad everytime I move!!

Then today, we went on a mission to find me a pair of sweatpants. I was in need of something comfy to wear. I bought some that are way too big for me now but we both knew that I would be growing into them soon. Let me tell ya, tonight when I put on my big, baggy, really unattractive sweatpants, I was more happy to have those than the new tv and bed!! They are the most comfortable thing I've ever worn. If only I could wear them all day... everyday... ahhh...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

You can go to for updates on how big the baby is and how it's developing, it's pretty interesting!! My due date is July 24th.

Something my mom found...

I thought this was pretty good... it's kind of long but it's funny...

A lot of my friends are having kids these days, and are turning to me for advice, since I have one child and another on the way. I thought in the public interest I would make my wealth of knowledge available in the public domain. Here are a few things you can expect.

1. That thing you did to get in this situation? Your wife will deem it unnecessary anymore. It's best to know this going in.

2. Any dispute can be resolved with ice cream. This actually works to your advantage. Observe: Her: "When are you going to start working on the nursery?!" You: "Have a bowl of ice cream." Her: "You are the best husband ever!"

3. The "Do I look fat?" paradox multiplies by about a million. Everything we have been taught as men tells us to answer that question by saying no. However when your wife asks if she looks pregnant, you will be tempted to say no. The right answer is yes, because if you say no she will think you mean she always looks fat. Not good times.

4. For reasons science can't explain, your wife will begin confusing you for a Chinese man with the name William Yu. She will believe Mr. Yu is her personal slave. For example: "Will Yu get me a pillow." "Will Yu get me some ice cream." And so on and so forth.

5. A woman's ability to misinterpret things is also multiplied by a million when she is pregnant. Let's say your wife wakes up one morning and says, "We're buying carpet for the nursery today." You in turn say, "We are?" This will be interpreted to mean "I don't want to do that because there is a sports game that you could care less about on TV and that's more important than our child's room." Duck and cover.

6. TV exaggerates the cravings women have when they are pregnant. In my experience women don't want a pickles, peanut butter, and cheese sandwich. They want ice cream, at 3am. My wife wants cheeseburgers all the time. Again, this works to your advantage.

7. Crying is an acceptable reaction to all of the following: - Anything sad - Anything happy - Anything

8. If your wife starts wearing your clothes while she's pregnant, it may be time for a diet. But don't diet until the kid comes, because if you lose weight while she's gaining, you're mean.

9. There will be a baby shower. You will be there. You will fake being interested in getting baby bottles. you will not joke that the baby really needs a Nintendo Wii.

10. See Rule 1. Hopefully this will act as a handy users guide to expecting fathers. Good luck and God Speed.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Not being able to eat anything sweet is killing me. It's not like I eat a lot of sweets anyway but last night we went to The Cheesecake Factory with some friends... I only had TWO TINY bites of Chad's cheesecake and I didn't feel good when we got home.

Then, today we went to this store called Sprouts to get some fruit. Well, they have candy there too... gummy worms used to be one of my favorites when I was little. I saw them and had to have them. So, I didn't care if I felt good or not... I was going to eat them anyway. I have been really good lately and so of course, I had like five of them. I learned my lesson... no more sweets. They were GREAT and totally hit the spot though. YUM!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jumping baby

We had our monthly doctor's visit on Wednesday, January 10th. We weren't quite sure what this appointment was going to entail... we thought for sure it wouldn't be anything too exciting because they weren't going to be doing an ultrasound and we aren't going to be able to find out the sex yet. (We are VERY impatient people!!) So, I go and give the urine sample that apparently you have to give everytime you go into that office and then shortly after that, it was our turn. The nurse checked all of my "vitals" and then we found out that we were going to get to hear the baby's heartbeat!! YAY!! Well, she couldn't find it. I got a little freaked out and asked if normally it takes this long (WAY TOO LONG) to find it and she smiled and said "yes, sometimes". So, that made me feel a little better but I was still freaked out. She said "well, maybe we'll have to do an ultrasound if we can't find it". I told her she could stop trying... if she wanted. So, she did shortly after and then the doctor came in and tried. By this time, my stomach was starting to get sore because they have to push so dang hard to try and hear this little noise that is so important!! She gave up and went to get the ultrasound machine. Now, I'm excited, not freaked out anymore. So, she comes back in and hooks the machine up, squirts some cold jelly stuff on me and our baby pops up on the monitor!! This time, it actually looks like a baby. In the first ultrasound that we did, it looked like a little blob... or a bean or something... it still didn't seem realistic that I was pregnant. BUT NOW, we see this little baby that was actually jumping up and down. I wasn't seeing things... neiter was Chad... the doctor saw it too. It looked like it was squatting down and then jumping up. It looked like it was going to be in shape when it came out, because it squatted and jumped probably 5-10 times. I don't even do 5-10 squats a day, let alone within about 30 seconds. ;o) So then, I ask her if she can print out A COUPLE pictures for us. Well, the dang printer was broken so we couldn't get copies of it. We were bummed... but completely amazed that I have a jumping baby inside of me.

So, everything so far is ok with the baby. We have our next appointment in four weeks for more bloodwork for me (yeah, not cool...) and they'll do a test to determine if they baby has down syndrome. Then, two weeks after that, we go back to go over those tests and to do another ultrasound!! HOPEFULLY we'll be able to find out the sex then... I want to start doing some shopping!! YAY!!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

We're expecting!!

This might be a long post...

We found out two days after Thanksgiving that I am pregnant!! Definately a honeymoon baby. I will be 12 weeks on Tuesday, January 9th, with a due date of July 24th. So far, it's been quite a rollercoaster. For some reason, it seemed like as soon as I took that test everything changed. I started having to go to the bathroom a lot more, nothing sounded good to eat, I started becoming moody... (Ok, Chad will disagree with me on this, he would probably say that I should edit that last one to say "MORE moody"... but I'll just leave it the way it is. ;o) and I think my belly looks bigger. I still wear the same size that I did before but I feel like I look different. Jeans are definately more flattering than the clothes that I wear to work... I think I should wear them everyday. Oh, and why do my boobs need to grow even bigger than the melons that they were before? My back was already hurting me, but now, my back AND my boobs ALWAYS sore. The only other thing that has been a little strange is that I feel sick if I have ANYTHING sweet. Everyone keeps telling me that mint chocolate chip icecream will help me feel better... well, it doesn't. It's SWEET. I even felt sick after I drank a Propel last week. I'm safe with bread... it's the only thing that tastes good to me right now. Luckily, knock on wood, I haven't gained any weight since my appointment a month ago. We'll see what their scale says when I go in on Wednesday... but we all know that those scales at the doctor's offices never tell you the truth!! ;o)

Chad is super excited, more than he was about the wedding or the honeymoon (I think I might be pushing it a little too far about the honeymoon part, after all, it is a honeymoon baby!!) but he's definately excited. He's going to be an awesome dad. It's so neat to watch him playing with kids, he gets so into it. i.e. New Years Eve... we went to TJ (Chad's brotha from anotha motha) and Jenn (one of my three Arizona sister)'s house to hang out. For about 45 minutes, he and Matt (TJ and Jenn's 5 year old son) were tearing around the house chasing eachother with Nerf guns. Let me tell ya, he worked up a sweat. I don't know what he's going to do if we have a girl first, he's so used to playing rough with the boys!! Unfortunately, we won't be able to find out for another month or two if it's a boy or girl... we are trying to be patient.

The cool thing is Jenn's sister Amy (Arizona sister #2) just had a baby boy named Connor on December 29th AND Jenn is due in early February. So, we're taking in all of their stories. PLUS, Amy is a delivery nurse at the Chandler Hospital, so hopefully she'll be able to help deliver the baby!! It might be a little weird to have her looking at all of the stuff that goes on down there but atleast she'll be able to tell me (a couple days later...) what exactly happened. And, it's not like she hasn't seen it all before. There's no way that Chad will be at that end of the table, he'll be holding my hand sweating like crazy and I'm sure he'll be crying for joy and because I'll be squeezing his hand so hard. I'm a wuss, I don't even like shots... let alone something like this!!

More updates to come...