Sunday, April 29, 2007

School and other things

Chad started school yesterday - he's already had three tests and is doing great, he's the top student in his class!! YAY Babe!! One more weekend of "in-class" training and then he gets to hit the road!! Luckily, he got out a little early both days so far.

It really stinks not having him around on the weekends!! Brynn's room is organized and the house is pretty clean now, so that's a plus. I kind of feel like I'm grounded... he's driving the Accord to school so my options on vehicles to drive are our 1-Ton Quad Cab Chevy Dually that I can't park because it's the size of a freakin' semi (see picture below - I really do love this truck, but only when Chad drives it!!) or the Bug. I drove the truck to the grocery store today and had to park way out in the middle of nowhere just to make sure that I didn't run someone over!!

7 more weeks of school to go!!