Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Auntie Bri!!

My sister flew in on Friday for the long holiday weekend and just flew back to Ohio today. It was a pretty fun trip, after we picked her up at the airport, we went to The Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix!! On Saturday we didn't do much but we had some friends stop by on Sunday and yesterday though!! Bri got to spend lots of time with Brynn... she helped change some diapers and fed Brynn a few times too!! What a vacation!! ;o) At least she got to spend some time out by the pool!!

Mark it on the calendar... This was THE FIRST trip that she's made to AZ that we haven't fought!!

Here are some pictures from her visit:

Thanks for coming to visit!! When are you coming back???????


Sally said...

See, I've been telling you two for years that you really love each other...tee hee. Seriously, I'm glad that Bri came out to meet Brynn and see you and Chadly and to catch up with the AZ family...long over do!

Heidi said...

I love how you live in AZ with a pool but she's the tan one...oh wait, you were pregnant all summer.

Amanda West said...

lol... no kidding. It's always been that way. I'm white, then I'm burnt, then I'm white again.

Anonymous said...

lol glad i could finally come out and visit, it was almost a year! way too long! im figuring everything out right now... tell jenn we will keep her posted haha

we did get some funny pics this weekend! :) woohoo!