Saturday, May 5, 2007

Saving money and new pictures

We are realizing that we're needing to manage our budget to finagle the cost of daycare in there. So, we have decided that we're going to be packing our lunches and cooking at home more often, which is good because we're both kind of tired of eating out and we're going to start thinking of it more as a reward than an every day thing.

Chad filled up the truck earlier in the week and put $50 worth of gas in it. Guess how far that got him? 1/2 a tank. He goes through a whole tank of gas a week. So, that would mean we're spending $400 a month just to fill up the truck so that he can get to work. How crazy is that?! So, we broke down and bought him a '95 Saturn. It only costs $25 to fill it up. MUCH better than the truck. In about four months, with the cost of gas the way that it is (just a little over $3/gallon), the car will have paid for itself. Plus, I didn't really want Chad to drive the Bug back and forth to work, it's so tiny and I don't know what I'd do if he got into an accident in that thing and something happened to him. You know, he's going to be a DAD soon!! ;o)

Here's the Saturn... not too bad for $1700!!

It's been nice enough outside lately that the pool is starting to hold its temperature at around 80 degrees or so, which is warm enough that we'll actually get in and swim!! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to yet... I'm not going to attempt to fit into my normal (not so flattering anyway) swimsuit, I had to break down and order a maternity one!! (and YES, I found it on sale online!!) Don't worry, you will NEVER see pictures of me posted in it on here!! However, here's a cute one of Chad and Mel from a couple days ago. I love this picture!! Typical Mel, one ear up and one ear down. ;o)

She LOVES to swim. She always swims up to Chad and stays right by him. She knows where the steps are in the pool now and she knows that she's only allowed in there when one of us are in there with her. She keeps trying to bite at the water when she's swimming though and that worries us so Chad's been working with her on trying to stop doing that.

That's all for now!!


Samantha said...

Isn't gas outrageous! We've been really fortunate to live within walking distance to most of the places we need to go, and a short drive to the rest. I think we're in for a rude awakening as we both start to commute. We've been thinking about trading a car in for a four cylinder too...just worried about fitting a carseat in it!