Sunday, December 2, 2007

Getting ready for Christmas

We're really diving into it this year!! (Ha ha...)

Somehow we started buying those ginornous blow up things that go in your yard a few years ago and every year, we end up with one more!! I'm not quite sure on the rhyme or reason behind the mixture of what we have but whatever, it's fun!! Here are a few of Chad last weekend. And yes, "Size Matters"!!

Today, we worked on the inside of the house. We have a lot more room to work with in the new house so we aren't quite sure how to set everything up yet.

Here's a picture of the tree, this is pretty much what it looks like now. We bought this tree last year after Christmas, for $49.99. According to the box, it was supposed to be a 7.5' skinny not so cute tree but it was going to have to do for a few years. Instead, we put the thing together and after AN HOUR AND A HALF OF JUST PUTTING THE BRANCHES ON IT AND FLUFFING THEM, we got this beautiful HUGE tree!!

Brynn checking out her first tree...

Here are a few others that we've taken of Brynn lately!! Look at that crazy hair!!


bri said...

haha! diving into christmas huh? were you plugging them in? the first pic of brynn and her hair cracks me up! looks like she was yelling, dont even think about taking a pic with my hair like this! :) i cant wait!!! woohoo! im visiting again soon, right!?

Sally said...


Rachel said...

Yay! I love decorating for Christmas! Your place looks GREAT!!!