Sunday, December 23, 2007


Gramma bought Brynn a highchair on Thursday and we finally tried it out last night!! Guess how many different Wal-Mart's we went to so that we could find the one that I wanted? Three. Yes, three. The one that we got it from ended up being one of the closest ones to the house too... that figures. We ended up with the very last one and it was on clearance, so we got it for $20 less than what it was normally!! YAY!!

She wasn't very happy with us at first, I think it's because she didn't realize that she was going to get to eat if she sat there. She got all excited a few times and her arms were flailing all over the place!! By the time we were done, she was content in her cool new seat!!

P.S. Jenn - like the Ikea bowl??


Sally said...

Boy, I remember those days! Fum times....