Saturday, April 26, 2008

9 Months Old!!

Brynn, I can't believe how much you have changed and how much you have experienced in the last month. Where do I start?!

You had your very first surgery three and a half weeks ago to straighten your eyes, because they were crossing. You were such a brave baby girl and you don't even realize it. We went for a follow up appointment yesterday and Dr. Salevitz was really impressed with the outcome of the surgery. Your eyes were perfectly straight for the first week and a half after the surgery and then they started to cross again... it's definitely not as as obvious as before the surgery though. Your Daddy and I were really worried that you were going to need another surgery soon but Dr. Salevitz said that if he looked at you for the first time today, he wouldn't recommend surgery. Your eyes are still a little red and you can still see your stitches but you are still the most beautiful little girl in the world!!

You love to scream now... especially when Daddy and I get you worked up. We yell "AHHHH!" and you scream right back at us!! For some reason, you love to clench your fists right now too. You do it all the time!! (Daddy does it and you copy what he does!!) You're starting to become quite the little copycat.

Yesterday, you also had your 9 month well visit. You weigh 18lbs, 8oz and you are 28-1/4" long (or... 2' 4-1/4" tall!!). You are in the 50th percentile for your weight and 75th percentile for height. Your Daddy and I thought you weighed atleast 22lbs!! ;o) You also got a shot yesterday and you didn't even cry!!! What a tough girl!!!

I also took you into where I work yesterday, between your doctors appointments. Everyone said that you are soooo cute and that you look just like your Daddy. You went to two of Matt's t-ball games this month and you also went to a high school softball game!! You really liked that one because it was a night game and you got to see all of the bright lights!!

Within the last month, you have tried avocado, yogurt, fetuccini alfredo and a LEMON! Your lips puckered up with that one!! (Daddy thought it was hilarious, you didn't know what to think!!)

I keep telling everyone that you are such a "little turd", everytime I try to get you to say Mama, you say Dada. One time I said "mamamamamamamama" and you looked right at me and said "DAD". You seem to think it's pretty funny, so does your Daddy. For a while you were saying "Mama" but apparently you don't like to say it anymore. (Except for when you're crying, then you say it.)

We have discovered that you look super, super cute in hats with your kissable chubby cheeks, so I'm all into putting hats on you right now. You don't mind them for about five minutes and then you take them off. I don't blame you, it's been in the 80's and 90's lately!!


Sally said...

Awww.....Grammies baby girl is getting so big! Love, love, love!

Sally said...

There should be a picture of you in your favorite rooster shirt clenching YOUR fists and screaming, you used to love to do that and then you would have a giggle fest!

Bri said...

she looks exactly like you when you were little!!! mom said she looks like me when i was a tike as well... with the cheeks, i dont see it as much as i see you!

Rachel said...

Really cute pics! Start planning the big birthday bash- it will be here before you know it!!!!

Harmony said...

Happy nine months!! What a sweetie :)

Kelsey said...

She is the Sweetest & Cutest little girl ever!!!

Erika and Kelsey said...

She's so funny she gets so excited and just screams and yells or lets off this HUGE smile, I dont think Ive evr seen a baby as cute as her