Sunday, April 27, 2008

Girls Lunch!!

Today, Brynn and I met my friend Tiffany for lunch at OREGANO'S! Tiff and I have been friends since jr high/high school and we usually get together a few times a year (even though we should get together more than that!!). I'm really bummed because she's going to be moving soon but I'm super excited for her because of the fun opportunities that are going to be heading her way!! That's ok, it means that we'll have another place to visit!!

Here are some pictures from our fun lunch!!

P.S. I think Tiff's bangs look super cute!!


Bri said...

i bet moms going to cry now that you have a pic with you and tiff on here... she always does lol

Sally said...

Awww...TIFFER! Sniff, sniff...Sad your leaving AZ, but...Good luck up north! I like the bangs!