Sunday, February 25, 2007

All sorts of baby stuff

This was a total Brynn-planning weekend.

Holy cow, registering can be complicated. Registering for the wedding was pretty easy but when it comes to registering for a baby, that's a different story. Chad was all excited to use the scanner-gun. ;o) We went to one place yesterday and registered... then we got home and I tried to look at everything online that we had scanned and only one thing showed a picture. That registry is getting deleted when I'm done with this.

1. Brynn's room. EVERYTHING that is out right now is for boys. We found all sorts of blue things that we liked but we didn't really see a whole lot of girly stuff, unless it's ALL PINK. We didn't want all pink, or really really girly... I'm not even really girly. There were lots of things in the "neutral" colors but since we're sure she's a girl, I didn't want the greens and yellows. Chad would have been ok with them... but I wanted something just a little more girly. We ended up finding a ladybug theme at Babies-R-Us that we're both pretty excited about.

2. Bottles and nipples. There are about 50,000 different kinds of each and who knows which kind she's really going to like... so it's kind of hard to buy those ahead of time.

3. Carseats and strollers. This one was easy, we found one of those combo's that we liked a couple weeks ago. Chad didn't have much of a choice, we were going Graco all the way since I worked at Rubbermaid. (They're sister-companies.) My only complaint is that it comes with a tan base but if you want an extra base, it's gray. Weird if you ask me. I'm checking into this a little more.

4. Diapers. Again, there are 50,000 different kinds of these too. Who knows what will really work but for now, we're going to go with Pampers... we have coupons for them.

5. Chad took a picture of me yesterday. So, for all of you who want to see prego Amanda (MOM), here you go!! I lost that one pound I gained. HA. Knock on wood that I keep this up!!


Sally said...

Yea...Brynn shopping! Just remember that Brynn will need the baby essentials, but not STUFF! Mainly your time and lots and lots of love. Don't forget books, you loved to be read to and don't forget to sing to her!
And don't be afraid to pick her up and hold her if she crys, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! That's what I did with both you and Bri....
Woo Hoo...I CAN'T WAIT TO HUG YOU, CHAD, ALLIE, MEL, MILO AND BABY BRYNN! (and say hey to spike)

Samantha said...

Yay for bellies! Since I'm so nosy, I went and tracked down your baby registry at Babies R Us! I really like the bedding you guys picked, very cute!

Samantha said...

Oh..and by the way, I've heard really great things about Dr. Brown's bottles. They're a bit more complicated to clean, but I've heard that it's totally worth it.

Rosey said...

You look so adorable and I'm almost embarrassed to say that I'm HORRIBLY jealous!! You lucky girl. It'll be a million years before Josh and I ever have a baby. I'm so happy and excited for you!!! I can't wait to buy Brynn some pretty baby stuff ;) <3