Monday, February 12, 2007

Random thoughts, mostly about food.

I got down to the bottom of this and I realized that I wrote you a book. Hope you enjoy the reading!!

So, other than the cost of daycare, I'm really starting to get excited to become a mom. Chad is really really really excited to become a dad!! (Of course, he's not freaking out about the whole daycare thing like I am, that's why he had two extra "really"s on there...)

The whole labor thing still really freaks me out but according to a bunch of crazy moms that I've talked to, they keep telling me that you forget about the pain. Yeah, I really do think they're crazy. Jenn had her baby a week ago and is getting around great (and looks great too!)... hopefully I will be like that.

My only real "craving" that I've been having is for popsicles. Grape ones on a stick, specifically. You know, the ones that come in the box with the cherry and orange ones? Yep, that's them. This has been going on for a week now and I couldn't help myself. I didn't care if I felt AWFUL, like I have been if I eat anything sweet... I had to have some. Well, atleast one. AND, they were a 10/$10.00 special at Fry's over the weekend. I made it a 1/$1.00... our freezer isn't big enough for 10 boxes of these things!! I ate it... and it was AWESOME. So awesome in fact, I had to have a cherry one when I was done with the grape. I stopped there. ;o) I didn't feel so good after two... but it was totally worth the yucky feeling. Ok, I'm done explaining the awesomeness of popsicles... I made you want to go buy some, didn't I? I think the sale ends Wednesday. ;o)

Just incase you have no clue of which popsicles I'm talking about, here is a picture of my obsession. (P.S. Thanks Heidi for teaching Sam and I how to do the picture thing!)

Oh. One other thing is over-medium eggs. Is that weird? I'm not supposed to have them, so of course, I want them. I cheated with those over the weekend and said to Chad that I would be ok and no one would die if I had one egg over medium and one scrambled. I'm still alive and the egg tasted good. He just laughs at me, gives me this cute Chad look and shakes his head. I told him that I don't get why I'm not supposed to have them (and haven't researched this yet) because an egg is a big part of what created this baby that's growing inside of me... you would think that I would be encouraged to eat eggs!! That sounded gross. Sorry!!

Basically the only thing that I've been drinking is water. Occasionally milk or a little bit of chocolate milk, as long as I don't have too much. I'm actually doing ok with the whole only drinking water thing... until I see Chad chugging a big Dr Pepper from Sonic, which by the way, is the best thing ever. I love Sonic's ice. Atleast he's a smarty-pants and tells me that it tastes horrible and that I wouldn't like it anyway. Isn't he great? He's such a keeper. ;o) (P.S. I think he's glad I can't have sweets, this way... he gets the whole Dr Pepper to himself!!)

Ok, I think that's enough talking about food... Time for me to go, I need to get a popsicle!! (And a Pepcid.)


Samantha said...

Ohmygod!! A grape popsicle sounds like the most fantastic thing in the world!!...damn you! Good for you avoiding the pop. I've been awful about pop, and feeling very guilty. I limit myself to only one a day, but I feel like I should cut it out completely. Maybe I could replace it with POPsicles!

Amanda West said...

Ooh, and I just noticed that they have Vitamin C and they're Fat Free. YAY. Go me! ;o)

Sally said...

You two are so funny!Buttefingers and Hero House melted cheese when I was pregnant with you!
The not drinking pop is excellent, sorry Sam....
And I'm one of those crazy women...I had both of you girls natural and you DO forget about the pain...can't really explain it, but God made women Strong for this reason!

Amanda West said...

Yeah I know the not drinking pop is pretty good but I've been having Burger King or McDonalds a lot lately, well pretty much every other day... that's way worse than pop. I think the melted cheese sandwiches would be too Mom!! You're allowed to have pop, I just can't drink it because I don't feel good afterwards.

Sally said...

It was definitely bad, but tasted sooo good! Might as well eat what ya crave. I ate McDonalds, Burger King, Hero House, Coccia's and Wendy's and of course, Mimi's home cookin'!

Heidi said...

One reason I dread pregnancy is losing the coffee...when I thought i was pregnant and had to go to the hospital in November they asked me if I'd had anything to drink and I started crying and said, 'I'm so sorry, I had a cup of coffee this morning-I'm a horrible mother!', to which the doctor laughed and said, "at least it wasn't crack, which is what we got too often". So the moral of this story? When you're having McDonalds, Burger King, Popsicles just remember-at least it's not crack. Aren't you a good mother?

Pat Gibbons said...

Noooooooooooooo you really never forget the just realize it was worth the little miracle that you now have.

It makes my heart happy to think of you two (3) together at this time. Wish I could be there.

Much Love, Pat

Jody said...

You are so funny. You made me cry. You both are so special! I can't wait to know it is a girl. Love ya! Grandma Jody