Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another exciting weekend!!

We had a few visitors... Lindy flew in on Wednesday and had an interview with Pima County. It went well but she decided against it.

Jody (my Mother-In-Law) drove in on Friday night and will be splitting her time in AZ between us and Chad's grandparents for the week!!

Chad and I took a birthing class on Friday night and yesterday morning. We learned that Chad has to keep me calm, because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be freaking out... especially because of some of the things that we learned in the class. I'm not going to go through what we talked about but I really think I'm more scared now than I was before. We learned a few breathing techniques, so hopefully those will help out.

Yesterday after the class, we met Lindy and Jody at the 4-D ultrasound place for lucky # 3. She was still being stubborn and had her arm in front of her face but we were able to see more this weekend than what we were before!!

Today, we officially have ONE MONTH until Brynn's due date!! She's not moving around quite as much as what she was before but she doesn't have a whole lot of room in there!! Our doctor's appointments are now every week... from what they told us last week, we're measuring right at 35 weeks so we're on schedule!!

I posted some pictures from this weekend on the Yahoo site (in the June 2007 folder)... here's a link if you want to check them out!!


Sally said...

WOW, a picture of Brynn! Couldn't help but get a little teary...seems like yesterday I was pregnant with you. It all flys by so quickly Amanda! Enjoy every minute of it,poopy diapers and all, cause you'll want that moment back as she gets older.It will be one wondrous adventure after another. Don't be afaid to let her be herself and never say never, cause kids do the damndest things! :)Hope she's just like you, cause you were such an easy baby! Love you!!!!!