Sunday, June 3, 2007

Luau/baby shower weekend!!

We've had an exciting (and exhausting) weekend - and it's not even over yet!! Thursday night my mom flew in from Ohio and my Aunt Lindy flew in from Colorado, really late. I took off 1/2 day on Friday from work to try to relax and hang out with them for a while. Here's a picture of them, my mom is in the back and Lindy's up front.

Mom, Lindy, Chad and I ended up at Rock Bottom for dinner (YUM!) and then headed to Babies-R-Us to pick up the carseat/stroller combo that my mom and dad got for Brynn!! YAY!! (Thanks guys!)

Yesterday was just crazy. Mom, Lindy and I did some running around and then somehow Lindy talked mom into giving her a haircut. Then we went to TJ and Jenn's house to help get things for the Luau/baby shower that they had for us!! We helped cut up a bunch of veggies...

Matt even helped!!

Here is one of Mom and Ann in the kitchen

Jody and Ana (Chad's mom and sister) drove in late Friday night and then met us at TJ and Jenn's on Saturday. Jody and Mike got us the bedding set to pretty much complete Brynn's room... and Ana made a really cool sign that has a part of the ladybug border in it (YAY!! Thank you!!). Here are a few pictures (I'll put a real crib picture up when we get everything put together... make sure that you note that the chair is not included!!).

Here's a link to where you can see a whole album of pictures from last night., keep checking back in here, I will keep adding as people send them to me and as Chad and I take more. I didn't get any good belly pictures, so I'll try and have Chad take one later on this week. We also didn't get any good ones of he and I together, so if you have one, please send it to me!! (

We owe a HUGE thank you to TJ and Jenn for throwing the luau/shower and for being such great friends - thank you to Ann, Matt, and the rest of our AZ family for helping Jenn put all of this together!! We love you guys!!

Thanks to everyone else who was able to make it too, we hope you had a fun time and thanks for being a part of such a special event in our lives!!

This morning, we got up with Chad at 5am (he had to go to school) and Lindy and I took mom to the airport. After that, she and I met Jody, Ana, G-Ma and G-Pa for breakfast and then Jody and Ana made the long drive back to California. Not too long after that, I had to take a nap, I was exhausted. I don't know how Chad is doing this getting up at 5am everyday during the week and on weekends... one day of it wore me out. Love you babe!!


Sally said...

What a great weekend! The best part though is that I got to see you, Chad, Allie, Mel, Milo and all of the AZ family!!!I am so greatful to TJ & Jenn and the rest of them for including you and Chad in to their family. They are so so good to you and us, when we come out!
And, this is the first time I didn't tear up when I saw Tiff!! I think I was too tired from our whirlwind weekend! Tiff said, "that's okay, you can cry when you come out in July!" I'm sure I will!!!
Love you all and I can't wait until next month!!!!

Samantha said...

What a fun theme for a shower! You'll have to post some pictures of Brynn's room now that you have most of the pieces to complete it!