Wednesday, June 27, 2007

36 weeks and one day

I am 36 weeks and one day today. Had a dr appt today and they said that everything looks good and that I'm measuring at 37 weeks!! Maybe we'll go a week early?? I have gained 13lbs and according to Brenda at work, I am all belly... so that's good... but it's a BIG BELLY.

It officially HURTS to do anything that has to do with bending over! including putting pants on! She has dropped so much in the last couple days that I feel like I'm going to smoosh her if I lean too far forward!!

We've also talked about which vehicle we should take to the hospital. You don't realize how low a Honda Accord sits until you're pregnant and try to get in and out of it!! The Saturn is even lower than the Accord, so I'm not getting in that thing again for a while. Now the truck on the other hand, I have to LEAN into it, PULL myself up and then do kind of like a half roll type thing to just to get my butt onto the seat. For a while there, this was the easiest vehicle to get in and out of. I think we should keep a step stool in it now. The Bug isn't even an option - it's in the garage getting some body work done and even if Chad was driving it, Brynn would either end up having a concussion or coming out on the way to the hospital because you can feel EVERYTHING when you ride in it. So, we're either taking the Accord or the truck... with a brand new Rubbermaid step stool as an accessory. ;o) My vote goes for the truck!!