Monday, October 1, 2007

Favorites from this weekend

Bits and pieces of our Arizona family... finally there's a picture of TJ and Jenn in here!! YAY!! (P.S. Thanks for everything!!)


Sally said...

Brynn is getting so big! TJ and Jenn...good, good people! Love you guys and the rest of the AZ fam!

Anonymous said...

glad to see more pics from out there!!! everyone looks great and matt looks like he's 18 i swear! lol miss you guys! love you!

auntie bri

Jody said...

I feel for you. I cryed when my kids got shots. Love all the pictures! She is getting big! Love ya and miss you!
Gramma Jody

azjenn said...

You always take the best pictures. It's so much fun to see the day through your pictures! My favorite is still way back on mother's day when I got my hair done by Morgan! I think i need to print that one out. It makes me smile. Matt does look big...he is playing flag football right now so maybe I can get Chad & Amanda & our cutest little cheerleader, Brynn to come to a game so Amanda can take some pictures for everyone to see my obsessed 5 year old! Thanks for the great pictures! Sometimes I don't think my kids would ever get to see their events & such if it weren't for you, Amanda! You have a gift!