Monday, October 29, 2007



I really don't think I've ever been this excited to go back to Wooster!! Ok, let me correct that. I KNOW I haven't ever been this excited.

2005 was pretty neat because I got to take Chad to Ohio for the first time. He met a lot of my family and more than anything, it was a fun trip because it was such a culture shock for him!!

Chad's from California, around Huntington Beach so when we went back to Wooster and it was about 30 degrees outside, he wasn't liking it a whole lot. I made sure that I took him to Kidron to see the Amish Oak stores, we even got stuck behind a buggy on our way into town.

This year, there are lots of reasons why I'm excited to go back:

#1 - Everyone gets to meet Brynn! I am so excited that Brynn gets to meet Mimi (my Grandma!)... Brynn's middle name is a combination of Mimi's middle name and GGMa (Chad's Grandma)'s middle names. One is spelled Mae and the other is May, so we combined them and named her Brynn Maye West!
#2 - Everyone who hasn't met Chad gets to meet him this trip!
#3 - I have been in contact with SO MANY of my old friends from school, it's crazy. What's even more crazy is that most of them are either pregnant right now, just had a baby or are trying to get pregnant!! I can't wait to see everyone!!
#4 - Having Brynn has made me kinda homesick. It would be really nice to have my parents closer... anyone find those winning Powerball tickets yet? OH! Speaking of which, I finally submitted that video to America's Funniest Videos, it got shipped out today. Keep your fingers crossed that we'll win that $100,000 grand prize!

I really hope it snows this year (A LOT!) while we're there. I kinda miss it. It's still in the 90's here!!

The only thing that I'm bummed about is that we're flying in ON Christmas Day... into Columbus. I really really wanted to be there Christmas morning but oh well. Atleast we're coming!! There is NO WAY that we'd be coming back there if it weren't for my parents buying the tickets. THANK YOU!! YAY!! Love you guys!!

We will be in Ohio from late on 12/25 until early in the morning on 1/1.


Bri said...

you know im pumped!!! maybe we could do "christmas morning" on the 26th... jasons flying out im guessing that night. this year Brynn can wake us both up! :) hehe

Sally said...

YAY!!! Doesn't matter when your flying in...YOU GUYS ARE COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARTY AT THE SHADEL'S! ")

Rachel said...

YAY!! I am so excited! I can't wait to see all three of you. Although, I am dying to hold only one of you! hehe! You can play with Johanna and see what you have to look forward to!! YAY! I am just so excited!!

Bri said...

i posted and you havent even commented yet... sheesh. lol

Samantha said...

Super! Can't wait to see you guys!