Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Stephanie!!

This was a very big birthday year for Steph!! Everyone kept asking what she wanted and all that she asked for was to have Junk Ditch Road play!! So, Jenn, Amy, Ann, TJ and Brad (and others!) planned a big party, the weather was perfect, lots of decorations were hung, lots of fun was had, childhood memories were shown on a dvd that TJ put together with some music AND...

Brynn attended her FIRST CONCERT! How cool is it that it was at Steph and Brad's house one year ago that we became Mr & Mrs West and this weekend, we were back at the same house with a baby in our arms (when she wasn't sleeping...)!!

We're still trying to get the hang of taking pictures at night with our camera, so we didn't get a whole lot of great ones BUT here are some I thought you might like!! (The ones of JDR "up on stage" didn't turn out!)


Sally said...


Sally said...

I should have added that these are THE coolest people in AZ! I am so thankful that they are your AZ family...Love you all!!