Sunday, August 24, 2008

13 Months Old

Brynn, I can't believe it's been a month since your first birthday. You are still playing with all of your toys that you got for your birthday but your favorite thing from your birthday is your ladybug pillow that Aunt Jenn gave you. You call it your "Bub" (instead of "Bug") and you show it to us every morning and when you wake up from your nap! Sometimes it will even make it over to the changing table with you because you don't want to put it down!! On Auntie Bri's last day here, you finally opened her present. She got you a Cabbage Patch doll that looks a lot like you did when you were born! She even had the birth certificate for the doll made so that it has the same name as you!! Sorry Little Chick (that's my nickname for you), she's staying in the box!!

You've been around so many people lately, you love to make everyone smile. They all say that you are so cute and that you have such pretty eyes. Your hair has been a lot of fun to play with lately too... it's gone through a growth spurt, just like the rest of you. We can put little piggy tails in the back now. It doesn't stay very well, Auntie Bri said that they stick straight up when you wake up from your naps.

You love to dance and you try to sing too! When you sing, it's more like lip synching than anything else but you love to do it!! Your Daddy is going to move you to the passenger side of the truck soon because you always kick the back of the seat. Your legs are so long! I tell him you are trying to give him a back massage. He doesn't agree. You will rub his back if I ask you to though!!

You still aren't walking yet but man, you are a speedy crawler!! You like to stand up but you just don't feel like walking. Oh well, within the next few months or so I'm sure you will. Your Daddy and I didn't walk until we were 14 and 15 months old.

You like to get into the kitchen cabinets and play with our Rubbermaid containers. That's pretty much the only cabinet you're allowed in. You take everything out and most of the time, you'll put it back in. Mommy knows that we have to wash everything before we use them!!

You also like to get into the bottom drawer in Mommy and Daddy's bathroom. We keep those little packets of tissues in there, you like to take them out of the drawer and chew on the packaging! Here are some pictures and videos that we've taken in the last month!!


Bri said...

amazing photographer for a lot of those!!! little monkey! haha hope you guys are feeling a little better! had to do her hair like auntie bri! :)

Samantha said...

I love her big girl pigtails!

Harmony said...

What a sweetheart!! Happy 13 Months, big girl!!