Sunday, August 10, 2008


Brynn is such a little fish, she LOVES the pool. When my mom was here visiting, she took Brynn to the pool three or four times, not including when we went to Nathan's or for her birthday party!! Jody (Chad's mom) even went once!!

Brynn loves the pool so much that her birthday present from my mom and dad (Grammie and Grampie) is swimming lessons!! She starts them on August 23rd and they are once a week for eighteen weeks. YAY!

Here are some fun pool pictures:

Brynn with Grammie

Brynn with Gramma

Gramma and Grammie together! (I think this was from her b-day party?)


Sally said...

The first two pictures are at Sheppard Jr. High and the last picture was from Brynn's party. I'm so glad she loves the water!

Harmony said...

What fun, and what a perfect gift for a little fish :D