Thursday, August 28, 2008

Party Hardy!!

On Friday, Jenn had a fun "girly" party!! The only detail that you're going to get is that it was the same type of party that we did for my bachelorette party...

It was nice to hang out with Jenn, Amy, Bri and Erin! I haven't seen Erin since last Labor Day weekend, which really bummed me out. I think we might actually be seeing her again this weekend to deliver some "stuff"!!

Here are some family-friendly pictures from the party!! (I see Jenn and Bri haven't been brave enough to post the fun pictures either!!)


Bri said...

lol yea! im glad you put the "G" rated ones up! it was great seeing everyone!!! :)

azjenn said...

Aren't we a bunch of hotties! Great pictures! I LOVE that you CROP pictures too! :-) When I run for public office someday those pictures had better not surface! Tee Hee