Saturday, January 27, 2007

I think I jinxed myself...

So as the week went on, my pants got a little more snug and EVERYTHING has been feeling uncomfortable. I feel like I gained 5 pounds since my last post. (Go figure!!) Mid-week, I went to Target to check out their maternity clothes... I've heard from quite a few people that they have some cute stuff, and they do if you wore a size two before you got pregnant (which I definately wasn't). I actually went to two different Targets to see what they had and didn't find much. They were out of my size in everything. So, I'm avoiding Target for a little while.

I heard from someone else yesterday that JC Penney's had some cute stuff and at that point, I didn't really want anymore advise on where to shop, I was annoyed with the whole Target thing. BUT I don't want to spend a ton of money so I figured I'd check it out. Chad went with me. ;o) The outcome: 7 pairs of pants and 2 shirts for just over $100... AND THEY ARE CUTE TOO!! Smokin' deal if you ask me... some of the pants were only $7/pair!! YAY for us!!

Tomorrow I'm headed to Motherhood Maternity to find more shirts... I'll keep you posted.

So, here's a tip: if you're newly pregnant... start at JC Penneys, unless you're a size two, and you probably won't be as frustrated. ;op


Sally said...

Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy. Once the baby is born, you will wonder where the time went! When the baby starts school, then you'll really wonder...everything goes by so fast and then they are grown up and on their own! Record everything, pictures, journals and be involved with whatever they want to do. You won't regret it, I sure don't! Years of roller skating, lacrosse games, soccer games, friends overnite, chaperoning trips to DC. I wouldn't change a thing!