Sunday, January 28, 2007

The rest of the weekend

Last night we went to see Monster Trucks with TJ, Matt, Amy, Scott, Garrett and his cousin Cameron (sp?)... We had some good seats and it was pretty fun... I was tired by 9:00 though!! Matt fell asleep for a little while (he was lucky and had earplugs in) but then was wide awake to see one of his favorites... "Graver" (a.k.a. Gravedigger!!) steal the show at the end. That was pretty cool. He's Chad's favorite too. ;o)

So, today we tried to sleep in a little but Mel (our 5 month old puppy) wouldn't let us. We eventually got up and going... I headed to the mall and Chad worked on his bug. He got his new motor in today!! (Way to go babe!!) I found a few shirts at Motherhood Maternity but nothing special... internet shopping will be my next route... atleast for a while.

All of the snowbirds are here for the winter and they seem to be EVERYWHERE that Chad and I go. We've got a million retirement places near us so there's always a slow driver or a slow person walking in front of you... it gets (A LITTLE) frustrating. (Especially when you're moody like me!!) I can't tell you how many accidents we've almost been in within the last few months... You'll have to ask Chad about his encounter with a snowbird at the grocery store... it's quite the story.

Enough for now... it's bedtime!!


Christina H. said...

when you shop for maternity tops, try to find ones that wrap because you'll be able to use them longer... even after the baby comes!... or so my magazines say :)