Sunday, January 7, 2007

We're expecting!!

This might be a long post...

We found out two days after Thanksgiving that I am pregnant!! Definately a honeymoon baby. I will be 12 weeks on Tuesday, January 9th, with a due date of July 24th. So far, it's been quite a rollercoaster. For some reason, it seemed like as soon as I took that test everything changed. I started having to go to the bathroom a lot more, nothing sounded good to eat, I started becoming moody... (Ok, Chad will disagree with me on this, he would probably say that I should edit that last one to say "MORE moody"... but I'll just leave it the way it is. ;o) and I think my belly looks bigger. I still wear the same size that I did before but I feel like I look different. Jeans are definately more flattering than the clothes that I wear to work... I think I should wear them everyday. Oh, and why do my boobs need to grow even bigger than the melons that they were before? My back was already hurting me, but now, my back AND my boobs ALWAYS sore. The only other thing that has been a little strange is that I feel sick if I have ANYTHING sweet. Everyone keeps telling me that mint chocolate chip icecream will help me feel better... well, it doesn't. It's SWEET. I even felt sick after I drank a Propel last week. I'm safe with bread... it's the only thing that tastes good to me right now. Luckily, knock on wood, I haven't gained any weight since my appointment a month ago. We'll see what their scale says when I go in on Wednesday... but we all know that those scales at the doctor's offices never tell you the truth!! ;o)

Chad is super excited, more than he was about the wedding or the honeymoon (I think I might be pushing it a little too far about the honeymoon part, after all, it is a honeymoon baby!!) but he's definately excited. He's going to be an awesome dad. It's so neat to watch him playing with kids, he gets so into it. i.e. New Years Eve... we went to TJ (Chad's brotha from anotha motha) and Jenn (one of my three Arizona sister)'s house to hang out. For about 45 minutes, he and Matt (TJ and Jenn's 5 year old son) were tearing around the house chasing eachother with Nerf guns. Let me tell ya, he worked up a sweat. I don't know what he's going to do if we have a girl first, he's so used to playing rough with the boys!! Unfortunately, we won't be able to find out for another month or two if it's a boy or girl... we are trying to be patient.

The cool thing is Jenn's sister Amy (Arizona sister #2) just had a baby boy named Connor on December 29th AND Jenn is due in early February. So, we're taking in all of their stories. PLUS, Amy is a delivery nurse at the Chandler Hospital, so hopefully she'll be able to help deliver the baby!! It might be a little weird to have her looking at all of the stuff that goes on down there but atleast she'll be able to tell me (a couple days later...) what exactly happened. And, it's not like she hasn't seen it all before. There's no way that Chad will be at that end of the table, he'll be holding my hand sweating like crazy and I'm sure he'll be crying for joy and because I'll be squeezing his hand so hard. I'm a wuss, I don't even like shots... let alone something like this!!

More updates to come...


Sally said...

Okay, here goes....I am so excited for the both of you! I remember when you were born like it was yesterday. God made women strong for just this birth and raising kids. It IS scary, awesome and humbling all at the same time.
YOU CAN DO THIS! Once the baby is born, you forget about the pain. It is the single most important thing I've ver done in my life and you will feel the same.
Yes, you don't get a lot of sleep for a while,and baby poop stinks, but Amanda, just remember that it is worth it! Every moment is special. Yes your an organizer, but keep in mind that you will be on the baby's schedule not your own.
Sometimes you will fly by the seat of your pants and other times you will think it's a piece of cake. NEVER A DULL MOMENT!
You know I'm here if you need a shoulder to cry/laugh on.
Just remember to keep a sense of humor, you aren't the first nor will you be the last to have a baby. Like I said before, BE THEIR PARENT, NOT THEIR FRIEND. And don't be afraid to disipline!!!! That's important!
Talk to the baby, sing to the baby and ENJOY THIS TIME, it goes by fast.
I'm proud of you cause you will be an awesome mom!
Love, MOM

P.S. Better not be changing the names cause I will be getting the tattoo! ")

Amanda West said...

In response to my mom (Sally)'s comment and where she says "Once the baby is born, you forget about the pain." Why do people tell you that?! There is no way that I'll forget about the pain that I'll feel when I have the baby!! You can quote me on that one... Just over a week ago, I saw a newborn baby. He's small, but not small enough for one of those to come out of me and me not remember the pain!! Like I said before, I'm a wuss. ;o)

Chad West said...

I am verry excited about becoming a DAD. I wasnt expecting it so soon though. It is true that as soon as Amanda took the test everything changed. Amanda isnt that moody. I think I have sympathy back pain though, to bad I couldnt get the sweets dont taste good sympathy. Sorry Amanda. I do hope the baby is a boy but will be happy just as long as it is healthy. I cant wait to find out what it is going to be. The only thing that I am scared of is getting sick while changing a diaper I have a weak stomach. I think that will pass with a little bit of time.

Sally said...

Stinky baby poop....stick a clothes pin on your nose! It's different when it's your own baby !

Samantha said...

Yay! I put a link to your blog on my blog.

Bri said...

PS- just reading back through these and wanted to let chadly know he did a great job (even though i wasn't there) when the mess of 08 occurred with al and mel! :) kudos!