Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sad day today

I had a great day yesterday and a not so great one today.

1. Today is Thursday, not Friday. Atleast it's almost Friday... that's a positive.

2. Condo is still on the market. We dropped the price to $136,900. Any buyers? Maybe I should buy another St Joseph statue or something. Geesh.

3. Grey's Anatomy. If you watch this show, you know what I'm talking about. I bawled. Yeah, I know I'm emotional because I'm pregnant but even if I wasn't pregnant, I would have cried. Oh, and if you aren't into this show... that's sad too because it's a good one.

It's also sad that I'm so addicted to this whole blogging thing... way to go Sam!!


Christina H. said...

I watch Grey's!

I think I got the most emotional when Christina was trying to explain to Burke how Meridith is her "person." I'm not that emotional and neither is Christina, so, when she was getting worried, I got sad :(

Ah! You know it's a great show when you're laughing your head off one second, worried the next, mad the next, and then crying....

Samantha said...

You're welcome missy! I'm so excited to see the photos from your Valentine's Day gift!!

Amanda West said...

I scheduled the 4-D appt for April 24th... she said that we'd have the most clear pictures around the 27th week... Now I just have to be patient enough to wait until then!!

Sally said...