Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!! (lots of pictures inside...)

To all of you moms out there that are reading this (including mine) Happy Mothers Day!! Even though technically I'm not a mom yet, we still celebrated. ;o) I had a pretty good day today, here's why:

1. Chad got out of school at 10:00 this morning!!

2. He got me a pretty heart necklace with three rubies and a diamond on it!! (My birthstone and Brynn's... as long as she's born in July!!)

3. I couldn't wait to give Chad this daddy-to-be shirt... so he wore it today. ;o)

4. I ran to the mall and used a coupon that my friend Sam sent me from Ohio at Gymboree... and bought Brynn a cute dress (Thanks Sam - here's a picture!)

5. We went to our friends TJ and Jenn's house for lunch with her family (who we consider our "Arizona Family") here are some pictures that I took...

Ben and Matt:
Matt going up the ladder for the water slide:
Ben going down:
Amy putting sunscreen on Garrett before he joins the boys:
From left to right - Jenn, Steph, Amy and Amy's son Connor after the girls had their hair styled by Steph's daughter Morgan (Sorry guys, had to do it!!):
TJ after he got shot while he was playing with Ben and Matt:
Chad tickling Matt (while Matt's screaming!!):
Chad and I (in a not-so-flattering picture):
Brad relaxing in the chair with the massager:
And here's a regular prego picture of me that Chad took this morning - My belly is getting big!!! I'm 29 weeks and 5 days.
I've been getting out of breath doing the smallest things, it's hard for me to bend down to pick stuff up or even put my tennis shoes on... somehow I'm still managing to shave my legs though!! Whew. So far, I've gained 9lbs total. She's moving around A LOT, especially when I'm getting ready to go to bed. You can see my belly move!!

I can't believe we have less than 11 weeks to go, time is starting to fly by, which is ok with me... especially because it's getting hot outside. It's been over 100 for the last few days and I can't seem to cool off. Dang hormones!!


Samantha said...

Cute dress! I didn't make it to Gymboree:o( I can't believe you've only gained 9 pounds...I officially hate you, and I've officially gained three times as much as you!

Anonymous said...

Amanda...this was my first "blog" visit...and you did such a cute job! Enjoy this now...since soon you'll be overwhelmed with your little one and be glad for the days when you manage to get a shower. :-) Steph

Sharon said...

I just finally had to post, due to you mentioning the over 100 degree days. Um, so it's 42 outside here, cloudy, windy, and generally ick. That's spring/summer! You look great and I'm crossing my fingers for the "3rd times a charm" 4-D ultrasound.