Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stressed out.

We had our second 4-D ultrasound today... remember our first one she had one of her hands in front of her face so they let us go back today for free? Well, she definately takes after me, she's extremely stubborn and doesn't like to listen to her parents (or anyone else) already!! Apparently she was taking a nap when we went today, we actually saw her yawn, so that was really cool but she wouldn't wake up and move her hands or arms!! It wasn't just one arm or hand either, it was both of them. She sleeps like I do but she'll be a sound sleeper like her daddy. It's weird how you can already tell these things. Let me tell ya... she's got some cute elbows and fingers - that's about all we got to see!! The tech even told us that we were the first ones ever that she couldn't even get a picture of the baby in a session. Geesh.

So, I was really bummed. Yeah, I cried. I haven't done that for a while and I think I needed to do it anyway. I'm just getting stressed about everything and it's all adding up. I'm sure everyone goes through this and I know it will be fine but in the meantime, I'm an emotional mess. Just ask Chad... ok, you really don't need to ask him... I was just saying that.

Anyway, enough being sad. They're letting us come back a THIRD time on June 23rd, it's a Saturday at 12:15. She tends to move around right after I eat so we'll eat right before we go. That will be the weekend after Chad finishes his classes, so it should be good timing. I'll be 36 (holy cow - 36!!) weeks then. 4 weeks before she's due. How crazy is that? Hopefully she won't be all smushed up in there.

There are a few positives going on though... Chad took his permit tests for his CDL yesterday and passed ALL of them!! (not just the ones required for the training... ALL of them!!) So, he officially hits the road on Saturday. YAY Babe!! While he's hitting the road, I'm getting my hair done so maybe that will de-stress me a little. ;o) I'm sure I'll post another blog this weekend... stay tuned.

Sorry, no pictures this time...


Sally said...

EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT! When you hold Brynn in your arms for the very first time...nothing else matters! When you and Bri were born, I felt like I was the luckiest person on earth...I still feel that way! Things have a way of working themselves out. DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF AMANDA and be patient! I'll be there on the 31st to give you a big ole' MOM HUG! Love you!!!!