Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thirty one weeks... and one day!

We had a doctor's appointment today and they told us that all of these weird things that I'm experiencing are normal... like HOT FLASHES and my ribs being sore. (Jenn, I now COMPLETELY understand what you were going through a few months ago!!) The doctor measured my belly and said that we're right on track for being thirty one weeks. Oh, and me going to the bathroom more than once an hour is apparently normal too.

Holy cow, let me tell ya, she's getting big. Right now, she's weighing in at around 3lbs. I can't believe that when most babies are born, they're 6-8lbs. That means that her weight is going to double within the next NINE WEEKS!! Where the heck is she going to go? There isn't anymore room for her in there!! She's gotta be smushed!! It's already getting hard for me to breathe, to bend down, even talking on the phone is tough!! I'm not complaining, I just didn't realize that being prego would be so exhausting!!

I think Brynn had her first case of the hiccups tonight, that was weird!! I went to show Chad, and of course, they went away. ;o( It's really noticeable now when she moves, you can see my whole belly move!!

Tonight Chad and I FINALLY went to Olive Garden for dinner(after like two weeks of me asking if we could go) and it was soooo good!! I had way too many breadsticks but I couldn't help it. I don't know when I'll get them again, Chad is burnt out on that place... and italian food in general. Plus, we're still trying to save money. Bread is pretty much my only craving right now. I'm safe eating it, it doesn't give me heartburn. Want to know something crazy? I don't think I've had a popsicle for about a month!!


Sally said...

Bend at the knees, bend at the knees! I carried you high, right under my ribs. I sat in our rocker/recliner a lot!! Drink plenty of water...the last month I was pregnant with you, my ankles and feet swelled like the elephant man's! Drink plenty of water! I would rather pee a lot than have my ankles and feet swell.
Walk every night too, it will help you sleep better and prepare you for Brynn's birth!
Love you and I'll see you and Chad next week! WOO HOO!!!!