Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Don't drink and...

Bits and pieces of a conversation online tonight with a friend (who shall remain nameless... even though you can probably figure it out!!):

Me: Brynn got her 4 month shots today, she's had a rough afternoon/early evening!! she was soooo upset!!
Her: :( bummer! I am on crutches! i know how she feels
Me: what?! what the heck did you do????
Her: Fell out of a golf cart then got run over by it!
Her: I know. It was at M...'s company's golf outing
Me: drunk driving or drunk riding?
Her: drunk riding! good call;)
Me: that is too funny!! i mean i know it's really not but it's quite the story! so what the heck happened?? did you sprain your foot or something?
Her: well its cut really bad because they tried to pull me back in while my foot was dragging on the i was standing there realizing what happened.........the guy driving the cart drove over my foot................

Lesson learned: It's ok to drink and drive... not ok to drink and ride in a golf cart at your husband's company's golf outing. OOPS!

E... you and your stories crack me up!! ;o)


Sally said...

Now THAT is a good story! :)

Bri said...

haha hmmmmmmm i wonder who that was? ;) thats something that would happen to me E~!