Sunday, November 4, 2007

Go Packers!

Yesterday morning, we got to take Matt to one of his last football games!! We've been meaning to make it to a few more but things have been a little crazy lately and this was the first that we've been able to make it to!! (* This is kind of a recap for TJ and Jenn too because they're in Hawaii for a week and are enjoying a well deserved week long vacation... by themselves!!)

We got to practice a little before 8am and Matt was only one of three that were there when they were supposed to be!! Oh well, atleast this way he got a little more one-on-one time!! He did great!!

Matt even had his own cheerleader!

Here's a video that we took at the practice and a bunch of pictures that we took as well!!


Sally said...

bet Matt was excited!

azjenn said...

THANKS! That video was great! He caught the ball! Loved his personal cheerleader! He is such a ladies man! Having a restful time. It is beautiful here, but it is raining. Not AZ rain HUGE rain! Tropical storm rain. It is supposed to rain all week. What a bummer. Guess it forces me to lay in bed a while longer if I can't go walk on the beach. I thought I would get to come home with a tan...not! Oh well, it comes in spurts. We drove to the North shore today and saw some huge sea turtles. Saw the beach where the plane crash from LOST was and TJ ate shirmp at the place where Sawyer killed the guy he thought was his dad's killer. Saw the bank that Kate robbed and the hotel where she stayed at to dye her hair. Pretty cool! I guess this is a LOST vacation not a second honeymoon! We rented a Mustang convertible for those sunny Hawaiian days. We enjoyed the top down yesterday. :-)

Samantha said...

I LOVE that first picture...what a treasure!