Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New look!

Not me, just the page. I was kind of getting bored with the pink and was ready for a change!!

Heidi has this really cool map thing on her page and I decided that it would be cool to put it on my page too. So, now, my page is cool. For quite a while, I've been wondering who actually reads this thing besides the people that put comments on it and this is kind of a neat way to do it. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell you who it is, but how often people do read it. I can pick a few out though, like my cousin Sharon who practically lives in Canada (!) and you can tell there are some in Arizona and Ohio but as for the others, I'm not quite sure!!

New Brynn pics will be posted this week, things have just been crazy lately!! To hold you over, here's one of Chad holding her while she's standing up and checking out Allie, we took this at the old house.

Stay tuned for more!!


Heidi said...

I like the new layout!!