Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Holy moly

Lots of West updates! Things are starting to get better. We still haven't won the lottery though.

* Our house is "pending" - please please please cross your fingers for us that it goes through!! We're moving to another house in Mesa, it has a three car garage so of course, to Chad, this is the perfect house for us!! Send me an e-mail or put a comment on here if you would like our new address!!

* Chad started his new job yesterday and loves it!! YAY!!

* Brynn is getting SO BIG! She makes herself smile all the time!!

* Lindy is flying in next Wednesday and is staying until Monday, she's going to take Milo back to Colorado with her!! She's starting a new job soon and we think that Willow is going to be lonely during the day, so it's perfect that Lindy is going to take him!! We're bummed that he's going to be leaving but we know he's going to a good home and will be completely spoiled and will turn into a big fat cat... Lindy loves to give treats!! This will just give us more of an incentive to go to Colorado for vacations!!

Internet access is going to be limited for a little while, I'll post more when I can!!


bri said...

so you need help moving then i take it?! i xant wait to see the new house, everything in life seems like its flying by lately! cant wait to see you guys and the little shite pote lol

Amanda West said...

lol... nope, we have all the help we need!! Brynn's sick, I feel so bad for her!! I hope she feels better soon... hopefully it's just one of those 24 hr bugs!! ;o(

Sally said...

uh oh...not fun having a sick little one...GRAMMIE HUGS!!! :)

Rachel said...

Good luck moving! I hope that Brynn is feeling better. Sick babies are no fun. Johanna is just getting over a sinus infection. I felt so bad for her with the snot all the way into her mouth and the sneezing etc. Yikes! I'm gonna see Danielle, Shannon, and Amanda (other amanda!) tonight. I will leave an empty chair in your honor :) I can't wait to see you at Christmas!

Jody said...

Hope the move is going well. I would like the new address. Glad things are going your way. How is Brynn feeling today. Did you get everything moved? Can't wait to see you all! Love, Ya