Sunday, October 26, 2008

15 Months!!

Brynn, this month you have earned the name of "Miss Independant". You want to do everything yourself. Well, everything but walk. You are quite the speedy crawler though!!

You're trying to climb on everything. Your favorite thing to do is to have me sit in the recliner, put the footrest partially up, then you climb up it and slide back down. Over and over and over...

You love to sing and dance!! We still listen to the cd that Mimi gave you for Christmas EVERY MORNING on the way to Brenda's house. You have a few favorite songs that you chime in to. I think we're going to put the Barenaked Ladies cd for kids on your list of things for Santa Claus to bring you this year, Mommy is ready for some new tunes!!

You are talking like crazy now. You like to point at things (even if you're not pointing to anything in particular) and have us pronounce them. You really surprised us a few nights ago when you said "no no ma ma". I have to admit, it was really cute but oh man, we're going to be in trouble when you get older. A few of the other new words that you've said lately are bug (meaning Daddy's Bug, you point to it when you say it!), fan, LUKE!, Spike (sounds like SSSPK), fish, more, milk, drink and ball. You even try to say pumpkin, balloon and glasses. (We're still working on those!!)

Oh and in the mornings, you like to watch Johnny And The Sprites, they're on the Disney Channel just before The Wiggles.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks:

(I have LOTS more but I'm using them for other posts!!)


Bri said...

ah! I love that frist one but my fav is the one in the tub! oh man, you're going to have a lot for her blackmail graduation pics! ;o)so jealous im not out there yet!

Sally said...

Grammie misses you Brynn Maye Wst!

Harmony said...

What a sweetie!! I love the Halloween shirts :)
Happy 15 Months!!

Heidi said...

i love the tub picture!!