Thursday, October 9, 2008



No worries, I have another one.

I turned in my notice this afternoon and was super nervous about what my boss would say. It went well. I hate to disappoint people and I feel like I'm letting some people down by leaving because I think (ok, I know...) some of my work will fall onto their plates. Oh yeah, and for that one guy that I can't stand, you can kiss my ass, do the work yourself. You're not any better than me. It's not my fault that you don't wear the pants at home, you don't wear them at work either. I don't know if you read this but man, it made me feel better that I told you to kiss my ass.

Ah, that really did feel good.

The position that I am in now just isn't me and I'm ready for a change. I've made a few good friends there who I will keep in touch with and that I will miss; but for the most part, I'm ready for a new adventure.

I am going to be a buyer for a company in Tempe. I'm pretty excited about it, a little nervous too. You always are when you start something new. My friend, Amber, recommended me for the job, she and I will work pretty closely. I have absolutely no buying experience but I think I will do well at it. Now, I just need to prove myself.

Wish me luck!!

Thanks Amber!!


Sally said...

Woo hoo..Go Girl Go! Isn't fun to tell idiots to kiss your ass?!

Sally said...

should say...isn't IT fun...

Bri said...

YEAAAAAAAAAAA! Thanks Amber! haha Oh what a wonderful Feeling, oh what a wonderful day! haha that was me singing to you online! :)

actually im having a crappy day and am going to drive 5 hours after work... its not going to be a good one buuuuut im happy for you!

azjenn said...

Congrats! We spend way too much time at our jobs and away from our families to not be happy where we are! Life is too short and you really deserve to be happy at work too! Now you are happy all over ! Yea (see how I am spelling it better!?) for you! We are proud of you and love to watch you flourish at whatever you do! You can be the president if you wanted it! You are an amazing woman!

Rachel said...

Congratulations! That sounds really exciting! Even though things are really crazy here, I love reading your blog. It always brings a smile to my face :)

Harmony said...

And that totally made me giggle - YEAH, YOU HEAR THAT - KISS HER ASS! hahaha