Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fresh Start

Yesterday was my last day at Layne, I was there for a little over two years. Literally. My two-year anniversary was on the 16th. I was able to stay the full two weeks of my notice and I got a lot of things finished up. Not as much as I wanted, but a lot.

I think I did an ok job with what I did but it wasn't my dream job and I was ready for a change, it just wasn't me. I would rather have one or two people above me, instead of a million. I've never worked for a small company before, so this should be interesting!!

I made a few GREAT friends in the last two years and I'm sorry to leave you!! (You know who you are...) It's things like this that will make you realize who your real friends are, I really hope we keep in touch.

Thank you to everyone who made my last two weeks really enjoyable. Thank you for the lunch(es), the cards, the plant, the cake, the "Big Hunks", the friendships and the opportunity.

Wish me luck, I start my new job on Monday.


Sally said...

Good Luck on your great new adventure!

azjenn said...

Life is too short to be at a job that is not satisfying. You are much too bright of a woman to be in a job that doesn't truly use all your talents! You should take this new opportunity and get some great experience in a new field! You may even decide that it is time to go and get that stinkin' college degree too! Think of the possibilities if you had that! They are LIMITLESSS! Had to get my college plug in there! :-)
Either way! Good job on choosing your happiness 1st and starting a new and exciting career!

Bri said...

WOOHOOOOO! wishing you lots-o-luck! :)

hahah my word verification is puked... let me tell you that was the highlight of my day so far!