Friday, October 3, 2008

Thoughts And Prayers For Us Please

This afternoon Chad took Brynn to the eye doctor, as another follow up from her surgery back in April. We've noticed a lot lately when she is tired, her eyes wander. One will be looking straight at you and the other will look up or down. Sometimes they'll cross. We tell her to "fix" her eyes, she'll blink, and for the most part, they'll go back to being straight.

Today, Brynn was pretty sleepy when Chad took her to the appointment, so the doctor got to see first hand what we had been observing since the surgery. He seemed concerned and wants to see her again in six weeks. He said that this is a similar problem to what she had before. Remember, we were pretty sure she was going to end up needing another surgery eventually, so we're a little prepared if we have to do another one. We'll find out more on November 19th.

I also found out today that my grandma, Mimi, is going to have a heart cath done on Tuesday. From what my mom has said, Mimi has been having a lot of heartburn lately and just hasn't been feeling well. She's also had a lot of kidney issues, so that doctor will be in on the surgery too. I know it was my decision to move to Arizona but it's the very few times like this when I just want to be back there. So Mim, be strong and confident... everything will be ok. WE LOVE YOU!!

Mom, Dad and Bri... be there for me.

So, please, keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a while.


Sally said...

We'll be there! Everybodies on my prayer list!

Bri said...

I'm giong with mom and Mim on Tues... Mim offered for me to go so I'll be there for extra support! Love you!

Cassie said...

You all are in my thoughts and prayers! Lots of love being sent your way!

Harmony said...

I'll be thinking of you all!

Kate said...

I'm pulling for ya, little Brynn!

I have to say, though, and I'm certainly no expert--not to mention that I'm sure treatment protocols have changed in the twenty-seven years of my life--you may always see at least some small amount of deviation when Brynn is tired or sick. My strabismus involved both eyes and though my left eye is cosmetically what I would deem about "perfect," my right eye's ability to align "pefectly" is very dependent on the amount of sleep I've had, etc., despite three surgeries just on my right eye.

It sure is a vexing problem, huh? Brynn will be so thankful for how vigilant you have been later in her life.