Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bear Crawl

Brynn will walk if she's holding on to something but freaks out if you try to get her to do it by herself. She's ALMOST there!!

Last night, we went to another potluck. Brynn and I were sitting on the ground and she decided that she wanted to go off on her own. Well, she didn't like how the grass felt on her legs.

Here is the sequence of events that lead to her doing a barecrawl ALL OVER the yard.


Bri said...

soooooooooooooooo close

azjenn said...

that is so hysterical! We got Matt to actually crawl (he was only doing the army crawl) by gtting him naked and crawling on the tile was too chilly for his little wee wee. Ha ha ha What can we do to get Brynn up on those feet? NO worries!'ll look back on this and wonder why you wanted her to walk! :-) The freedom will END!

Jody said...

So funny! That is how Ana crawled.