Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Brynn was sitting on the couch eating some snacks. Allie walked up to Brynn and sat down beside the couch. Brynn pointed to Allie and said "NO!". Apparently she didn't want to share...


Bob & Neal (lol) thats funny still... said...

O here comes the wonderful NO. you will love it at first and its realy funny at times, but the becomes a pain in the but, and all the things you said you will never do like your parents did to you will start to come out. Like no hitting (spanking) don't make me come in there. My favorit one don't make me pull over. Its just started.

Have a Happy Thanks Giving.

PS Neal is the only one left now at you know.
Thats it for the Amanda, Neal and Bob Show. ta ta for now.
bla bla bla time to go back to work.

Sally said...

and eventually, YOU will sound like your momma! :)