Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just For The Record

My mom sent Brynn this sweater for Brynn last week (even though we just found the UPS box IN OUR BACKYARD the other night). I was all excited and really liked the sweater because it's really bright and she's a bright-color kind of chick.

Mom, here is what she thought of it:

Note to self: Brynn doesn't like wool. Or hoods. Or putting a thick sweater in 80 degree weather. Oh well. It's big on her, so maybe it will be her favorite next year.

Thanks Mom!! ;o)


Sally said...

OMG...that is funny! Maybe she will like it when she's 2! I knew she would look good in green though...:)

Bri said...

hahaha! she's saying, "Grammie, why did you send me this sweater, I'm not in Ohio!?"

even cute when crying! :)

jody said...

That is funny! She is developing her attitude! Too hot for a sweater Mom!