Saturday, December 6, 2008

Arizona State Fair

Back in OCTOBER, we took Brynn to the Arizona State Fair. My hometown of Wooster, Ohio holds the largest junior county fair in the state. It's a huge deal back there and the kids even get a day off of school and free admission!! I really wanted to take Brynn so that she could see all of the animals. Well, the fair wasn't what I expected, I was pretty disappointed actually. Oh well.

ON A SIDE NOTE... In 2009, I will have my 10 year class reunion. We're trying to figure out when to hold it and I'm hoping that people will vote for Labor Day weekend. That way, one weekend we can do the whole reunion thing, then we can go to the Wayne County Fair, and then we can go to Cedar Point the next weekend. SO IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND YOU ARE IN MY CLASS, PLEASE VOTE FOR LABOR DAY WEEKEND TO HOLD THE REUNION - IT WILL MAKE ME SUPER HAPPY!!

Ok, back to the Arizona State Fair. It was pretty hot outside and REALLY overcrowded. There wasn't a whole lot to see and the food wasn't that great. Basically, the only choices we had were burgers and jumbo sized corn dogs. Oh and fries. BUT not the normal fair fries, they were seasoned. Hmph. They didn't even have vinegar. I think you get my point... I'm glad we didn't have to pay to get in!!

Here are some pictures though, Brynn liked the animals (one of the goats tried to eat her shirt off of her belly!) and the fries.


Heidi said...

Ain't no fair like a Wayne County fair...