Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jobs Schmobs

It's so weird that I've only been in my new position for a month and a half. Sometimes it feels like I've been there forever. I think everything is going pretty well, one of the guys that I work with told Amber I'm doing a good job yesterday. Today, another guy told one of my bosses that I'm doing a really good job. So, that was pretty cool.

The bad thing is, that same guy who told my boss that I was doing a really good job gave me some quantities of something that I needed to order today but he accidentally gave me a number that ended up being about $5,000 more than what it should have been. I ordered the items and then realized afterwards that it was wrong. Luckily, I caught it in time and got it fixed. So, technically, um, maybe, I saved the company $5,000 today? Ok, not really, I shouldn't have trusted what the guy said anyway... but it was a nice thought.

We're supposed to be closed from 12/18 through 1/4 for the holidays. Well, normally, that would be awesome but I don't get paid for the time off. I think it's pretty shitty that they're doing that, really. The good thing is that I think we're actually going to be busier than what they thought, so I might be able to come in a few days. I HOPE.

Chad's going to be off work the week of Christmas and all of the following week, except for one day, ON VACATION. His company is awesome. He gets 3 weeks of vacation and 5 sick days. PLUS, 5 personal days (unpaid days off) if he wants them. I'm jealous.


Sally said...

YAY Amanda!

Bri said...

if you come to ohio ill trade you! i wanted a full month off lol You're doing an excellent job! I can tell from my computer! :)