Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ahhh... some relief

So, it was an eventful weekend. Well, kind of.

We sold our camper... a couple drove down here from Montana to pick it up. YAY!!

One of our tv's has been on the fritz for a while so OF COURSE, we had to get a 42" Plasma. I'm actually pretty excited about it... it takes up a lot less room than our other one did.

We also ordered a new bed. That's been on the fritz for a while too. Don't get me wrong, I like to snuggle... but I don't want to roll into Chad everytime I move!!

Then today, we went on a mission to find me a pair of sweatpants. I was in need of something comfy to wear. I bought some that are way too big for me now but we both knew that I would be growing into them soon. Let me tell ya, tonight when I put on my big, baggy, really unattractive sweatpants, I was more happy to have those than the new tv and bed!! They are the most comfortable thing I've ever worn. If only I could wear them all day... everyday... ahhh...


Sally said...

GET YOUR REST NOW cause once the baby is born, you will never sleep well again...especially when Baby West is a TEENAGER!