Sunday, February 24, 2008

7 months old!!

Brynn Maye West, you are officially 7 months old!! Over the last month (and really, just over the last week and a half or so) you have grown up so much. Your feet and legs are now too big for a lot of your pj's so today I am going to pull out some of your 9 month clothes and see what you might fit into now.

This week, you have been at home with GGMa, myself and Grammie. I think because you have received so much one-on-one attention, you are really starting to come out of your shell. We love that you are so amazed by other kids and that you want to interact with them but I think this one-on-one time has been great for you!!

Last night we went to TJ, Jenn, Matt and Luke's house. You had a great day but you took some short naps so by the time we got to their house, you were a little grumpy. I laid you down on the floor and their dog, Pepper, came over to give you kisses. I think she must have scared you because you SCREAMED at her. A little while later, Luke whimpered and then you pulled out your pouty face and cried too. What was up with that?

We have taught you the word "kiss", so you know when you're going to get lots of them!! When Daddy is going to give you kisses, you scrunch up your face and smile really big because you know it's going to tickle when he kisses you!! Last night when Uncle TJ went to give you kisses, you did the same thing! I think it's because he and Daddy look alike!!

You are always laughing and telling us stories now. You have also learned to whine and you know that Grammie is a sucker, so anytime she's around you get whatever you want!! She says that's what Grammies are for.

You now like any kind of baby food, especially if you feed yourself. What a mess!! (Pictures in another post!) This week, we let you try a "food net". We put a banana inside of it and wanted to see if you would like it. YOU LOVED IT! You were a big slobbery, sticky mess when you were all done but you ate it up!!

You are a rolling machine, you roll and turn your body everywhere!! You love it when your puppies come to see you when you are laying on the floor. We can't leave you alone on the couch anymore because you'll roll off, I'm sure of it. You tried yesterday but I caught you and took a picture in the process.

When we go to the store, you are a big girl and sit in the seat of the cart now. Yesterday, we had to give you a bottle while we were shopping and we laid you down in the top part where you would normally sit and you fit in there perfectly. You even dozed off for a minute or so after you were done with your bottle. You love to go shopping because there are so many things for you to see.

Baby girl, you are getting so big, so fast. We love you!


Sally said...

I am having a blast with Brynn! She is learning Grammie stuff!! :)Eskimo kisses and Grammie kisses and grammie lovins! She is growing like a weed...I'm so glad I'm here to watch the little buggar. Bri, you better get your ZZZZ's before you come out here next month!

Rachel said...

I can't believe she is 7 months! What a beautiful family!

Harmony said...

What a sweetie! We just got one of those net thingies for Maggie today - hope she likes it as much!