Monday, February 25, 2008

Date night!

TJ and Jenn gave us tickets to last night's Coyotes Hockey game, against the St. Louis Blues!! Neither of us had been to a hockey game for a long time and we'd been wanting to go for a while, so we were pretty excited about it!! The Coyotes ended up winning, it was a pretty good night!! Thanks TJ and Jenn!!

I haven't been over to Glendale since before the University of Phoenix Stadium was finished so we had to take a picture with the sign in the background!! (We parked at the University of Phoenix Stadium and walked over to the Arena, where the game was.)

P.S. Grammie watched Brynn while we went on our date!!


Bri said...

how exciting! i remember going to one with you.. didn't like it, too much fighting... lol miss you

Rachel said...

Yay for date nights and yay for grammies!!