Saturday, February 9, 2008

Brynn's First Car Show!

The weather is getting nice, it was in the mid-70's today. Couldn't you have guessed that a car show was coming up? I really like going to them a lot, it's nice to get out and do something different. However, Brynn and I can't ride in the bug because it doesn't have seatbelts in the back and I don't think I want her riding in it for a while anyway, she's too little, so we met Chad there.

We're going to be taking lots of pictures of Brynn and her Daddy in the Bug as the years go by, so here's one that we took today as her 1/2 year milestone (the color looked funny because it was so BRIGHT and SUNNY outside, so I changed it to black and white):


Bri said...

man! look at all these posts... i feel like ive been out of it for quite some time... work school, study, papers, work, sleep and shower in there somewhere... miss you see you soon!

Sally said...

look at the two cuties!