Monday, February 18, 2008

Weight loss

We're almost a month into the contest and I have lost a total of 3.5lbs so far. I need to pick it up if I'm supposed to be at 20lbs by 4/21!


Sally said...

We'll put Brynn in her stroller and walk every night while I'm out there!!!!

Brenda said...

Sally while you are here make sure you make lots of your wonderful cookies for her.. She is not on my team.. She already looks great and her baby is only 6 months old. If she looses 20 pounds we won't be able to find her. Cookies Cookies Cookies.

Amanda West said...

Soooo not cool... I seem to recall you liking the cookies, I think I should bring some in to work!!

P.S. Just got off the stair climber and I think I'm going to die.

Bri said...

that machine is the devil!

Good Job You- for losing almost 4 lbs though!!! you have to look at the positive sis!!! it will keep you going!

we'll walk when im out there too!!! ill help you out!!

as long as i can walk, im going boarding all day today in NY.. ah! :) love yoU!

Sally said...

LOL...nice try Brenda! Amanda and Chad told me NOT to make cookies while I'm out there. However, I might make some for Amanda to bring to work for all of you guys!!! ")

Brenda said...

No cookies at work. Your cookies are the best. Well maybe some for the blue team, they are only a little ahead of us. The truth is Amanda looks great and her team is not far behind us. And if it was not that we had a weapon named Perry that has ALONE lost as much weight as teams we would be in last place.