Monday, March 24, 2008

8 Months Old!

Brynn, you are such a big girl!! I'm serious, you're wearing a lot of 12 month clothes already!!

Yesterday was your very first Easter. You, Daddy, Auntie Bri and I all spent the afternoon over at the Butler's house and we got to see all of our Arizona family. Before we had our Easter lunch, Grandma Ann said a prayer, like she does every year, but this year was very special to us because she mentioned you and how she hopes that everyone keeps you in their thoughts and prayers because you are going to have surgery on your eyes next week. She said you are a very special little girl, that we are a part of their family and they love us all very much. (Yep, a tear just fell...) Mommy and Daddy thought that was really neat and we appreciate how much they have all done for us and for taking us into their family.

This month, you have developed quite the attitude which also makes you extremely predictable. If you hear another baby crying, you start to cry. If we're holding you on our lap and your puppies walk by, you lean towards them and laugh, squak or scream to get their attention. If you are petting them and they walk away from you, you cry or scream at them because you always want them around.

We're still working on teaching you "nice hands", when you get excited you flail your arms and hit anything that is close. (Including our faces!)

You know what "no" means. When we lay you on your changing table, you like to put your feet on the wall or on the blinds and then you try to grab the blinds with your hands. We tell you "no touch" and you know exactly what we mean. You pull your hands close to your body, turn your head and you give us a sad face.

You always want to eat what we're eating, you don't want your bottle when we're eating our food, you want to eat like a big girl. You're officially on Stage 2 baby food. You seem to like it a lot better, there are a lot more flavors than what you were eating... your absolute least favorite food so far is Garden Vegetables (I don't blame you either, they smelled yucky and I wouldn't even try them!!). This month, you have tasted barbeque sauce, honey barbeque sauce (you LOVE both of those!), wheat tortilla, a roll, potato, some kind of jello desert yesterday, and you really like those little stars and shapes that melt in your mouth.

You know what "more" and "open up" mean. Auntie Bri was really working with you over the last few days to teach you "more" in sign language. You're getting there...

You don't like to be hot and sweaty. (You're going to have to learn to deal with that though, we live in the desert!!)

You love to chew on your shoes, shoe laces and pretty much everything else you can get your hands on. Especially anything with a strap. You love your bath letters and numbers, they seem to give you a sense of comfort while you're getting all cleaned up. You like the squeeky noise that it makes when you rub your gums on them.

You are still obsessed with any type of paper... wrapping paper, wax paper, receipts, tags for on clothes...

Your favorite noisy toy is your piano. Your favorite quiet toy is any of your stuffed "bugs".

Here are some fun pictures that we've taken of you in the last few weeks.


Cassie said...

Oh Amanda, she is so beautiful! I can't believe how big she is! Happy Easter!!

Sally said...

Yay for attitude! Don't squelch that too much, then she won't be Brynn. Takes after her mommy.

You are so fortunate to have have the AZ family, don't ever forget that, they are good people!! Wish I could have seen Ann while I was out there....

Keep working on the sign language, good thing to know and YAY for Auntie Bri for teaching her!

You know Brynn will be on a long prayer list next week! Everything will be fine with those big baby blue eyes!
Miss and love you all!!!!!!

Bri said...

ouch! Brynn, you stole my "thanks for coming out" thunder on Mommy's blog... lol

yes those pics are cute, expecially with the ace ventura hair... (i had to do it)

love you!

Harmony said...

Happy Eight Months, big girl!! What a precious recounting of eight months :)

I always talk about Maggie's month birthdays, but forget to write anything.

Glad you all had a happy easter!

Rachel said...

What an exciting milestone! Brian and I are praying for her with her upcoming surgery. I'm sure all will go great! Soon she'll be walking around everywhere!